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Ho-Jiak, Fuji Xerox Towers

Like its name suggest, the overall aim of this little functional cafe is to feed its customers delicious food. Ho-jiak means very delicious in Hokkien, the primary dialect in Singapore. And Singaporeans who work in the CBD (Anson Road) can look forward to rubbing their bellies over yummy food at Ho-Jiak.

The cafe also serves beer and imported craft beers if you want a little buzz over lunch or need a break midday (we promise not to tell your boss!). They carry brands like Hitachino from Japan ($12) and other craft beers like Hong Kong Beer, Gambler's Gold and more. For Asahi and Hoegaarden, you can get your fix for only $8 for one, $21 for three or $30 for five.

The whole place is unpretentious. Just come in for a good meal without breaking the bank and without wandering off too far from the CBD. Cool down with their specialty cold brew tea (the tea is steeped for 12-16 hours!) like oolong, earl grey or green tea ($2.90), or if you like it hot, it is only $1.90

The specialty here is their Japanese curry rice - which is a base. You can add on your desired meats to the dish - be it chicken karaage ($8.90) or beef/pork shabu ($9.90/$8.90). Or if you're a meat lover, have all three in one ($14.90).

The chicken karaage is easily my favourite of the lot. The chicken is perfectly cooked in its crunchy batter and topped off with the ever-addictive Japanese mayonnaise. The curry sauce in the base is also incredibly well-balanced with just the right amount of sweet/salty flavours.

I also believe that the portions here are very generous - I had trouble finishing a whole bowl by myself! So you can be sure that you will be having a decent sized meal for lunch here.

Ho-Jiak 80 Anson Road, #02-01/1A, Fuji Xerox Towers Singapore 079907 Open weekdays 11AM-6PM Closed on weekends

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