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Crab Factory, SS2

At the risk of oversharing (but you know, us media types, we overshare anyway), on one of my very first dates with someone from my past, he suggested we go to one of these seafood places where you eat with your hands. He claimed that he would still like me despite watching me go full savage on the food. Also, he said it would be rather amusing to watch foodievstheworld get "her" hands dirty.

Let's just say that it didn't work out too well. So, since then, I was hesitant to go to these seafood places... But when we got the invitation to go to Crab Factory to try out their seafood, it had been six months since my quirky date and I had started dating someone else. And I had a crazy craving for seafood.

So we made our way to SS2 on a quiet Friday afternoon to feast on the seafood delight that Crab Factory had to offer.

It was my first visit to Crab Factory, but not my dining partners'. They said every experience at Crab Factory has always been a good one, so it set up my expectations pretty high. I sat down, appetite raring to go and stomach growling with anticipation. I love the casual decor at Crab Factory and the long tables that allow for communal dining.

Prices for the seafood are displayed on the walls, so you won't get shocked when the bill comes at the end of the meal. I like that - compared to when you order at those Chinese seafood places, where you order and order happily and the bill comes and you end up eating grass for the rest of the month.

Crab Factory also has a wall that displays their new items on the menu - the seasonal stuff. As you can see, the menu here at Crab Factory is reasonably priced per kilo. So order as you please and they will whip it up fresh.

You can choose from four different types of sauces - zesty lemon, garlic butter, jamba jamba and signature southern bang. Personally, our favourite was the garlic butter.

We also got to try the signature Southern bang, which was a little tangy and spicy. But the garlic butter proved to bring out all the right flavours in the seafood.

We got to try their meat crabs, brown crabs, crayfish, jumbo prawns, and a good selection of the shellfish which were all incredibly fresh and well marinated in the sauces. Truly, their sauces are to die for. As one of my dining partners for the day mentioned, this place is one of the underrated seafood places in KL/PJ that is absolutely worth trying.

Of course, since there is so much sauce is go around... a must-do while you're here is to order ALL the mantous (RM9 per portion)! To wipe the sauce up with of course. A little tip though: keep one hand clean so you still have clean fingers to Boomerang your experience here!

Something that is also not too bad to give a try is their shallot fried rice (RM5 per portion). It's a good side to douse in their house special sauces - but on its own, can be slightly bland.

Overall, our experience at Crab Factory is one that we will not forget soon. It is a great place to bring the family as well as friends for special occasions. Check out their website and full menu at

Crab Factory SS2 21, Jalan SS 2/64, SS 2, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia Open Tues-Thurs 3PM-11PM Fri-Sun 11AM-11PM Closed on Mondays

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