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CookieNation, Kota Damansara

There's something comforting about eating a cookie. It is good with a glass of warm milk, a steaming cup of coffee or even sandwiched with ice cream!

CookieNation brings you that sweet childhood comfort in the form of their yummy cookies. They have a selection of good ol' favourite flavours - such as the classic chocolate chip and a peanut butter cookie. And they also introduce more adventurous flavours such as the Pumped Up Snickers (how cute is this name! - RM3.50) that features caramel, crunchy peanuts and creamy milk chocolate.

Pumped Up Snickers cookie

But best of all, you can choose to make your own ice cream sandwich - which was the highlight of our cookie-eating adventures! Customers can customise their own ice cream sandwich by choosing any two cookies, ice cream flavour and topping. We chose the Signature Chocolate Chip cookie, Macadamia cookie, vanilla ice cream with a cookie crumb topping - and I must say, it was pretty darn delicious!

Ice Cream Sandwich

CookieNation makes all their cookies in-house, so you can be assured that it is baked fresh everyday. And to make it even more scrumptious, they warm up your cookies (for dine-ins) so it tastes extra fresh. All the ice cream is imported from New Zealand, and it was nice and creamy. The cookie crumbs gave the ice cream sandwich that extra crunch, and come on, who doesn't love cookie crumbs!

However, I must say that I felt the cookies were on the sweeter side. Personally, I like my dessert with slightly less sugar than normal, so the cookie sweetness might be fine for most people. The cookies are all very consistent in texture and size. It is slightly crunchy on the edges and chewy in the middle, just the way I like it.

MacLovinIt (top right), the Cranberries (top left), Nutcase (bottom right)

My personal favourite was the MacLovinIt (RM2.50) which is a cookie with macadamia nut and white chocolate chips. It is comparable to Subway's macadamia cookie, but I think CookieNation's version has got the edge as it is slightly more chewier.

I also loved The Cranberries (RM2.50) that features muesli and cranberries with a hint of cinnamon. This cookie was the least sweet, so if you don't want a major sugar hit, this is the cookie for you!

The Nutcase (RM2) was also a favourite with its chunky peanut butter base with dark chocolate chips.

Volcano cookies

The volcano cookie selection is slightly more expensive than the classic range, but it has the extra filling on top of the cookie.

The Pumped Up Snickers (RM3.50) that I mentioned earlier was a stand out with its sticky caramel centre.

The Farmhouse Special (RM3.50) is the cranberry cookie with a cream cheese filling - which was delicious. However, it would have been nice if it was a bit runnier.

Farmhouse Special cookie

The other volcano cookies with chocolate fillings were good, but it was also a bit hard (not exactly volcano-like). Perhaps the cookie needs to be warmed up longer. Every so often, CookieNation would have their limited time offer cookies. For the month of January, they produced two Chinese New Year special cookies.

Golden Royale and Matcha Love cookies

The Golden Royale (RM3.50) was a decadent red velvet cookie with pineapple filling. This was such a unique cookie, and is definitely a memorable one too! I loved the pineapple filling that was sweet and slightly tart, and it was paired well with the red velvet cookie.

The Matcha Love (RM3.50) was another interesting cookie that combines premium matcha green tea with white chocolate filling. The matcha really shines through and if you're a green tea fan, I'd recommend this cookie!

Iced latte (front) and Smooth Criminal milkshake (back)

CookieNation also serves up a selection of milkshakes, coffees, teas, soft drinks and warm milk. We tried the iced latte (RM8 medium, RM9 large) and the Smooth Criminal milkshake (RM10.50 medium, RM11.50 large). The latte was good and very reasonably priced.

The milkshake was nice and thick, but I didn't like our choice of milkshake. I wasn't a fan of the butterscotch and chocolate sauce. But I'll definitely try a different flavour milkshake next time.

Overall, I love CookieNation's wide selection of cookies and I adore their ice cream sandwiches. The space is also very large, which makes it ideal for families and friends to meet. Plus, it has a small play area for kids!

The location is also convenient, as there is easy parking (it is free right now) in the building and it's also easily accessible from the main road if you want to drive/walk by to takeaway some cookies!


Address: D-G-13, Sunway Nexis Mall, 1, Jalan PJU 5/1, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Phone: +60 3-6143 1248

Opening hours: 12 noon to 11pm daily


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