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Kayamila - Kaya with a Twist

We are getting more spoilt with so many choices when it comes to food. Even staples like kaya, a traditional spread that we grew up having with bread, has also found itself disrupted by modern, hipster brands.

One of those brands is the brainchild of Fong Yit. Kayamila is the newest baby of Fong Yit Pte Ltd that was launched just this year. The venture planted its roots locally and has now expanded overseas to locations such as Taiwan, Europe and Australia.

Kayamila uses only the finest and natural ingredients, and does not contain any chemical preservatives, artificial flavouring or colouring. Kayamila products are also gum and pectin free, and made from real fruit juice.

Kayamila comes in three new flavours. Sold in local supermarkets, you will be able to choose from Kayamila Original, Sea Salt Caramel, Vanilla Pandan and Calamansi Citrus.

Kayamila Sea Salt Caramel features a luxurious combination of bittersweet caramel, sea-salt and kaya for a rich, buttery indulgence. This flavoured kaya goes really well with cakes, pastries and toppings such as buttercream.

Another kaya flavour you can infuse into cakes is Kayamila’s Vanilla Pandan. The hint of vanilla flavour makes it an extremely versatile ingredient that will help create depth to many baking recipes.

If you have a liking for all things sour, let your tongue flavour this never-before-seen flavour, Calamansi Citrus Kaya. Bursting with tangy sweetness and tropical goodness, this concoction is rather refreshing for a bread spread on Sunday mornings (or any other morning, really).

To demonstrate the versatility of the spread, the Calamansi Citrus kaya was made into a sauce, served with chicken breast wrapped inside a crepe, accompanied with potato chips. It was definitely an interesting concept to have flavoured kaya acting as the sauce for a meal.

Then we got to have it with a dessert. How does kaya paste on top of panna cotta sounds to you? That’s exactly what we had for dessert! Kayamila Original is a rebrand from the famous XO kaya, and we are amazed by the smoothness as it landed on our tongues. The aromatic essence and the flavour of pandan lightly teases our taste buds, a definite must try for kaya lovers!

Kayamila is sold at supermarkets like Fairprice, Sheng Siong and Prime and is priced at $3.50 per bottle.

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