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Crockford's Suite, Genting Highlands

If you're looking to try out a little #richkidsofinstagram experience close to home, Genting Highlands' Crockfords Suite is your answer. It's not lined with gold bathtubs or diamond-encrusted bathrobes (yet!), but you will find yourself in Genting's most exclusive hotel experience possible. It's so exclusive, you can't even book the room with just money.

This is the ultimate baller pad that you would want to impress the ladies/gents with.

We started off our very swanky staycation with a chauffeured ride up the mountain in a while Alphard. The driver was dressed in his Sunday best and was sure to give us the full service. Then when we got to the hotel, we were greeted by one of the people from Darwin International, who are the awesome folk behind giving us this staycation!

We were led straight up through a private lobby and up to our room on one of the top floors. I could start rambling on about how awesome the room is, but we decided to just compile all of it into a video for you to enjoy.

So here it is!

Finally, this view though.

If you want in on this action, follow Darwin International's Facebook page here. And if you're worried about their legitimacy, check out Vulcan Post's article on them here.

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