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Rise Restaurant, Marina Bay Sands #risembs

Rise Restaurant in Marina Bay Sands serves one of the finest buffet selections in an elegant setting with tall glass panels, indoor trees and a fresh herb garden right outside the restaurant.

From fresh sashimi, to local delights such as laksa and seafood noodles, and all types of meat, we were definitely spoilt for choice.

MBS Herb Garden Image credit: Marina Bay Sands

Highly supportive of sustainability approaches, the herbs used in their food are actually grown and hand-plucked at the MBS Herb Garden.

The fresh produce, seafood and meat are also locally sourced from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and neighbouring countries. The approach reduces the overall carbon footprint created by long-distance import from further countries.

We were invited for a media tasting on a Thursday, specifically for their theme night, ‘Backyard Barbecue’ where an electronic barbecue pit was set up at the backyard of Rise restaurant. There was a slight drizzle during our tasting session, and they had to move the cooked food into the restaurant instead.

The first dish we tried for the night was a laksa, which was highly praised by everyone present. The broth was rich and carried an authentic flavour. Of course, the seafood was fresh and juicy. If you like your laksa extra spicy, go ahead and add the chilli because it really gives the dish the kick it needs.

Because the theme is Backyard Barbecue, we also treated to a whole selection of grilled mwats and produce. Among the grilled dishes, we particularly enjoyed the Chorizo pork sausage, lamb T-bone, grilled ribeye and roasted cauliflower.

Apart from the theme night, the chef also prepared for us a variety of small delights that is sometimes served during the buffet. Diners are sometimes in for some yummy surprises!

We got to try an interesting take on the Kung Pao Chicken which sits on top of a spongy yet really fluffy Yorkshire pudding. It was indeed a perfect combination.

The Tuna Tartare Cone is maguro tuna, salmon roe, and whipped cream that has been seasoned with salt, pepper and lime, interestingly placed in a sesame charcoal cone. This delightful dish is extremely well balanced and the tuna sashimi is really fresh and on point.

This exquisite tartare cone of fish is usually served on Saturdays, but it may make an appearance at the buffet table if they happen to have excess tuna, so you gotta catch it before its gone!

Of course, no buffet is complete without desserts. My favourite from the dessert table was the Bread and Butter Pudding. The pudding, unlike a lot of bread and butter puddings which tends to be really eggy, was a beautiful light texture and pure heaven in my mouth. If you sink your spoon further into the casserole, you find melted chocolate!

They also have Seafood Night, American Feast, Mediterranean Delights and Singapore's Local Favourites from Tuesdays to Saturdays respectively. So, if you are craving for an international buffet spread, head down to Rise Restaurant for a treat.

Rise Restaurant @ Marina Bay Sands Hotel Tower 1

Opening hours 7 days a week:

Breakfast - 630am to 11am

Lunch - 12pm to 230pm

Dinner - 630pm to 1030pm

All day ala carte dinging - 11am to 12am

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