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Plan B's Kitchen Takeover

I think every restaurant/cafe should take a leaf out of Benjamin Yong's book and follow suit in changing up their menus from time to time to keep things fresh. Plan b's kitchen takeover is just the thing to keep The Big Group's regulars coming back for more. In the first of its kind, TBG is introducing a menu that will last the whole of March til mid April to challenge its patrons' palates.

This was the tasting menu we were treated to during the media review night. Dishes are unlike any you'd have seen elsewhere. Hats off to the talented chefs at The Big Group for successfully crafting this attention-grabbing menu.

I am also in full admiration for Plan B Bangsar Village's team of staff who were always attentive and ready to serve with a smile.

We were offered 3 kinds of drinks in the new menu - an iced chocolate, an elderflower soda and a passionfruit tea.

The iced chocolate is just the thing to order with their new beef rendang waffles to give it that American diner feel.

Their elderflower drink is something that would go well with any kind of dish for its timelessness in taste - it's both refreshing and appetising.

I was really excited to try the fries with a trio of dips - cheese, sambal and salted egg. Salted egg everything seems to be the rage now. While I don't think salted egg croissants are much to shout about, I do believe the savoury sauce is paired well with fries. The cheese sauce left much to be desired (it tasted very Kraft cheddar-y). But the sambal was by far the star of the show. It would not be out of place in any Nasi Lemak packet and it was just spicy enough for me to keep going back for more.

The Krispy Kale salad is contrasting confusion. On one hand, the superfood vegetables are supposed to be healthy, but once you add in the Mamee Monster noodles (yes, that's the Krispy part) and the peanuts, I am inclined to say that it negates the "healthy" component.

But there's no argument that the beef rendang waffles is most definitely NOT healthy. The beef rendang is mixed into the waffle batter to be cooked in what I would assume is a waffle maker, but then the waffles are deep fried in oil to give it a donut-like taste and consistency. #noregrets though, because beef rendang waffles.

My favourite dish for the evening had to be the Singapore chilli crab spaghettini. Having grown up on the neighbouring island, the sauce is reminiscent of my childhood. Mixed together with one of my favourite types of carbohydrates, it made for one of those dishes I'd be raving about for weeks to come.

The healthiest dish on the menu that evening was the salmon and edamame rice bowl. I think this would make pescatarians squeal in delight but after the outstanding pasta and waffles, my tastebuds expected more. But it was a good buffer before desserts were served.

Our first dessert was the Springfield donut. If you're a fan of The Simpsons, the name would have tipped you off to what you could expect. This loud pink dessert is as unhealthy as Homer would have it. Best to share this with at least one other person, in my opinion.

Not on their menu for the night, but offered on other days is the banoffee pie (pictured above) and the flourless orange cake (below). They made for nice pictures, so I included them.

What we did get to try was a cham affogato, a mix of coffee, tea and a you tiao (yao zhar kuey), which was sinfully good. The bitterness of the coffee and tea soaked inside the sweet and oily fried flour stick made it extra sinful.

There are plenty of other dishes in the new menu that I'm really excited to try like the Nasi Lemak waffle. You can be sure that I'll be back to try them soon. Keep an eye out for the update!

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