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Enorme, PJ Centrestage

Plenty of Western restaurants have been popping up in PJ to keep up with the growing demand of the younger generation. In a neighbourhood that was primarily dominated by the older generation and traditional coffee shop food, new establishments have been setting up to revive the food scene. Enorme at PJ Centrestage is one of those places.

Head down here for a chilled out vibe and casual dining. The rest of PJ Centrestage is largely unoccupied for the time being, which makes parking easy.

The interior of the restaurant gives off a very modern casual ambience. It is touted to be authentic Italian cuisine. But a recent interview with an Italian chef told me that no matter how authentic a place claims to be in Malaysia, there are still plenty of variations of the dishes and the actual authenticity of a dish is really subjective.

Regardless, the only thing that is important is its taste at the end of the day. And I believe Enorme lived up to my taste expectations of a modern casual Italian restaurant.

We started off with an Enorme pizza - carbonara style (RM16/38/83). When I was in Naples, I tried carbonara pizza there, so I know it's not something that Malaysians have simply bastardised. While the carbonara pizza I had in Italy was in a league of its own, this one measured up quite decently. It came out quite beautifully here in Enorme, with a runny yolk in the centre and perfectly cooked bacon toppings.

We also tried the salsa rosa pasta (RM30). The pastas here are made in-house, making it rather fresh and springy - just the way I like it. #pastasnob

One surprising dish to find on the menu here is their carre di maiale (RM57). Now, anyone who's been following us knows that our favourite pork steak will always be the one at Ante Kitchen & Bar. Though this pork steak was pretty good, it cannot beat the one that I have grown to be so fond of.

Would I go back to Enorme? Absolutely. I don't think it is a place I would put into my list of favourites just yet, but to be fair, I have only tried 3 dishes so far.

Enorme P-G-20, Podium PJ Centrestage,

No.1, Jalan 13/1, Seksyen 13,

46200 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Open daily from 10AM-11PM


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