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Switzerland in 5 days

I recently travelled to Switzerland for a short five-day holiday and experienced the most stunning natural sites.

Autumn really is the best time to go. The temperature is cool and the leaves turning is something everyone should see at least once in their lives.

I started my trip in Zermatt, moved on to Interlaken, Lucerne and then Zurich. Since I was on a shoestring budget, I stayed mostly at AirBnb sites and walked as much as possible.

We got a customised Swiss pass for about RM800 to travel from Milan to Zermatt, around Switzerland, then out into Belgium and finally landing in Amsterdam.

Something to note about the Swiss pass when I went in 2014 is that we needed it to be shipped to a physical address and this proved to be a challenge because we had booked it only 2 weeks before the actual take-off date. I would recommend giving more lead time to allow for the snail mail to arrive if this system is still in place.

Be sure to pack some good down clothing and heat tech if you're afraid of the cold like I am. While up at the peak of Gornergrat, we experienced temperatures as low as 1 degree Celcius.

Zermatt is a lovely little (private)car-less town. You can only take a public bus or a taxi to get around here, but with such beautiful scenery, walking is really your best option.

We chose to take the train up to the peak. This is a great option since you get to enjoy the crawl up the mountain with crisp, fresh air flowing through the cabin. The views up there are spectacular, just be wary of altitude sickness as it can be quite high up.

Staying 2 days in Zermatt is sufficient if you're just going to sightsee. Our next stop was Interlaken. Though it was just a day trip, we got to explore quite a bit of the area. Autumn is the best season to enjoy the foliage and vibrant colours. Rainfall is also less likely, giving you the best travel experience.

While at Interlaken, we decided to get on a boat to enjoy Lake Thun. If you get a Swiss pass, you have access to all the public transport with your ticket, making it incredibly worth the seemingly steep initial price tag.

Of course, being a foodie, I had to indulge in a meal onboard the boat. It's quite a lovely experience - to enjoy hot food while gently cruising around the lakes. And I must say, the food on board was impressive. Food is not included in your Eurail pass but certainly quite worth the 15 Swiss francs I had to fork out for it.

After the day trip at Interlaken, we made our way to Lucerne. The whole of Switzerland gives off a very peaceful vibe. Even at rush hour, people seem to be quite at ease and are always willing to help.

Our final stop in Switzerland was in Zurich. Zurich's city centre is like any other city - with corporates rushing off to work in their suits. But head slightly outside the town centre and you will find yourself at the famous Rhine Falls. This is definitely worth a visit. When we got there, we experienced rain for the first time in Switzerland but it was just a slight drizzle and still allowed us to enjoy the beautiful waterfall.

There are viewing points for you to take pictures of the waterfalls but tend to be closed if the weather compromises safety. The boat ride was also closed due to the weather condition. But we got to enjoy this view nonetheless.

I would readily go back to Switzerland again. Though it really isn't the most budget-friendly of places, it is worth the splurge.

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