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  • Sarah Voon

Jigger & Pony, Telok Ayer

My recent trip to Singapore involved a lot of drinking at bars around the central business district - not that there should ever be a reason not to drink in the CBD when I am down in Singapore. I just ventured beyond my usual haunts to try new spots with a friend familiar with the area. Should I end up working in the CBD in Singapore, I believe having been to a couple of new places should give me plenty of choices to go for an after-hours drink (because I anticipate I will direly need to).

So, Jigger & Pony is one of the new places I got to try with a friend as she's highly familiar with the area. I love bars, especially if they play good music that isn't too loud and serve up cocktails that are neither too strong or too sweet. Jigger and Pony lives up to all my expectations of what a good bar should be.

The drinks pack a punch without compromising the flavour and it was such a pleasure siting at the bar counter watching the bartenders get to work on the massive library of drinks.

By the way, these tapioca chips are to die for - if you're watching your diet, put this bowl far far away from you! It is such a good cocktail accompaniment - addictive and moreish!

So, I generally don't have that one drink that I order at bars. I'm a wine person, so cocktails aren't always in my scope when ordering drinks. I happen to mention this to the bartender and was made a Flamingo (image below), while my friend had a Cognac cooler, a twist on a sidecar.

Both drinks were so well balanced in their own way and I believe that the Flamingo was a good recommendation for me because I had asked for something sweet. It had pleasant fruity notes and was incredibly easy to drink.

My friend's cognac cooler was very strong and as someone who prefers lighter spirits, I felt this drink would be the kind to really put some hair on your chest.

My last drink of the night was Song of Seas - a very interesting drink which is served in a martini glass but isn't much like a martini at all. It was again, very pleasant to drink and carried a refreshing taste.

Over here, they make their own bitters. Jigger and Pony is also where you will find Boo Jing Heng, the bartender crowned Diageo World Class Singapore Bartender of the Year for 2016.

Jigger and Pony

101 Amoy Street, open daily except Sundays from 6pm till late.

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