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Marina Bay Sands: Epicurean Market

Spanning three conventional halls, the Epicurean Market had a plethora of activities (and food, of course) for a wide range of people to explore; be it food lovers, wine connoisseurs to industry professionals.

Tickets were going at $35 a head, and you’ll be gifted a pair of champagne glass as a form of a door gift from one of their redemption counters as thanks for coming down to the event.

This event was cleverly planned out. Depending on what you are interested in having a look at, the layout was strategically divided into 6 main zones.

Due to the enormity of the event, we did not have the opportunity and time to explore each and every one of these zones. This article will focus on the ones highlighted in bold.

  1. Farmer’s Market

  2. Wine Walk

  3. Marketplace

  4. Signature Restaurants

  5. Master Classes

  6. World Class Bar

Farmers Market

As you step through the main entrance, you’ll see many vendors from the industry promoting their latest products. Notable players such as Huber’s Butchery (a major supplier of non-halal meats) and Junshin Express (halal-certified seafood and sushi supplier) had their presence in the Farmer’s market.

There were other suppliers as well, carrying fresh produce and seasonal items, such as cherries and corn.

We had a go at one of Huber’s Butchery’s bestsellers, which was the Stockyard Hangar Angus Steak ($12). 160g of beefy goodness, the meat was charred just right on the sides, leaving a nice pink tone on the sides as well as a lot of juice that the meat was so tender, it simply “melted” in your mouth.

It comes with a side of mashed potatoes, which was just as good, mixed with onions and a few other herbs as well. It was so good it makes me want to head down to their outlet to have it again.

Signature Restaurants

If you’ve always wanted to try out one of the restaurants in Marina Bay Sands, this was the perfect opportunity to do so.

What’s great about this series of stalls from the Signature Restaurants is that you are presented with an array of gourmet dishes from several outlets all located in the same space. In a sense, it was a form of a one-time only “atas” food court.

While signature dishes were mainly served (some also serving special event only dishes), the portion sizing was comparably smaller than if you were to dine in at their own outlets.

Of course, this meant that you pay a proportionally smaller sum, which also gives you more space in your tummy to try other different dishes from the other vendors.

And part of this list of vendors, include restaurants helmed by major names, eg. Bread Street Kitchen by Gordon Ramsey, CUT by Wolfgang Puck, db Bistro & Oyster Bar by Daniel Boulud, just to name a few.

Also, there were two incoming players from Macau - North and Golden Peacock- that also gave the public a preview of their culinary offerings before establishing themselves here in Singapore next year.

We tried the Lamb Skewers covered with Sichuan pepper by North. It was spicy, and had slightly smoky taste to it, which accompanied the spicyness well, though it might feel a bit too dry for some if you are not accustomed to the taste and texture of lamb.

We gave the Salami Piccante Pizzette ($12) and Fried Calamari with Capers & Pickled Chili Butter ($11), as we were informed that the pizza batter was handmade fresh everyday.

Now, if you are used to the conventional pizza, expecting a cheesy and meaty taste, this might not be for you, due to the strong salty salami taste (from the curing process) that dominates the overall flavour.

While it might not be so palatable to the average Asian, Europeans might find some joy in this.

The calamari was fantastic. You can taste the freshness of the squid and the batter came out really soft. It was almost like eating fried fruits, without tasting of the oil that it was fried in.

Oh, check out these guys on stilts! They provided great entertainment value while we were enjoying the Epicurean market.

World Class Bars

Run by the top bartenders and mixologists in town, if you enjoy indulging in a bit of alcohol, the World Class Bar had a fantastic array of bespoke cocktails for your choosing.

It was all smiles from our friendly mixologist! They are not only great with the drinks, they're incredibly charismatic too.

We tried out the Don Julio La Primvera. Its base is the Don Julio Bianco, whereby the taste does not overpower the mix of cloudy apple juice, lime juice and cucumber juice.

On top of that, you’ll taste a hint of elderflower lingering in the palate after the drink has passed the throat. A good drink to wind down with after a hard day’s work.

After attending this year's Epicurean market, we really can't wait for next year. Til then, foodies!

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