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The Big Cheese, Da Men Mall USJ

I’ve been going to Da Men Mall in USJ quite a bit recently. They’ve got plenty of food offerings here worth trying. The Big Cheese is one of them. Under the Sarnies group from Singapore, The Big Cheese is the sister outlet to Weiner.

While Weiner sells some of the best gourmet hotdogs I’ve ever tried, The Big Cheese serves up the most sinfully good grilled cheese toasties.

Indeed, love fades but cheese is forever. And my love for cheese will never die. #cheeseforlyf

Sarnies is known for their amazing coffees. I've never hesitated to have coffee when I'm at Sarnies.

So I had to get a coffee while I was at The Big Cheese even though it was already evening time and I'm highly sensitive to caffeine.

An interesting drink they have here at The Big Cheese is the pandan latte (RM12). The pandan flavour is subtle but goes so well with the espresso.

The two top selling toasties are the bacon & cheese (RM15) as well as the cheesy con carne (RM15). So obviously, I ordered both. You can choose to have your toasties in a set meal (add RM6), which comes with two sides or a side and a float.

We chose to have it with two sides. Tim went with a bacon & cheese toasties with mac & cheese and buffalo wings. #sincity

I chose nachos and fries to go with my cheesy con carne (not any better, I know). But dear god, the combination... #noragrets.

Just look at the beautiful cheese decorating the nachos, looking all gorgeous in all of its golden glory next to my con carne toastie.

And that mac & cheese... A must-try. Weiner, located upstairs of The Big Cheese, also serves a hot dog with the same mac & cheese, which is to die for.

I think the perfect combination is to go for a bacon & cheese toastie with nachos and mac & cheese. That's maximum comfort food right there.

Don't expect anything too fancy here at The Big Cheese. Expect diner styled food presentation but really awesome tasting toasties.

I propose a toast to Sarnies for their well-thought out establishments here in Malaysia and I look forward to visiting more of their outlets here.

The Big Cheese LG39, Da Men Mall USJ Open daily from 10AM - 10PM

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