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Cake Boss comes to Malaysia!

You would not expect a shopping mall like Sunway Pyramid to be busy on a Tuesday night. But then again, it isn’t every day that Malaysia welcomes someone like celebrity baker Buddy Valastro aka. Cake Boss to lead an event.

There were easily over 2000 people gathering around the Orange Concourse that night and the area was so packed full of fans that I could not even see the stage. But good fortune enabled us to be able to meet the Cake Boss in a private room when he was meeting children from the Make a Wish Foundation.

It was certainly heartwarming to see Buddy welcome the children with open arms. Fathul, 12, had wished to own a cooking set and Najihah, 17, to become a pastry chef. Both were baking enthusiasts and were ecstatic to meet the one and only Cake Boss.

Buddy, who believes family is most important – extended an open invitation to Fathul and Najihah to visit his bakeries in the United States and offered them words of wisdom and encouragement to continue on their journey and fight against their circumstance.

If I just met Buddy without his chef uniform, I would have assumed he was just another regular, kind-hearted individual. Warm, hardworking and humble, the Cake Boss is true to his on-screen personality, and I am excited for his newest season to premier on the 9th of November 2016, 9pm on TLC.

Thanks again, Buddy, for everything you do!

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