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The Disgruntled Brasserie, Ann Siang Rd

Located at The Club Hotel on Ann Siang Hill, The Disgruntled Brasserie offers a variety of Modern European dishes that is impressive. The selection spans across many cuisines that it was easy for everyone to pick something they would enjoy.

Personally, I like to start my meals with an aperitif and for this brunch experience, I decided to try The Clipperton ($18). While I am not a huge fan of champagne on its own, the addition of Pimm’s, raspberry and of course, the lemon garnish, made it a light and easygoing drink.

For starters, I chose to go with the Chicken & Duck Liver Parfait ($18). Foie Gras tends to be salty, unctuous and a little strong for the general Asian palate, yet this parfait had a fruity overtone while retaining its pâté-like texture. It comes with a prune purée that compliments with sourdough toast accompaniment. It was far more pleasant that expected and was surprisingly reminiscent of the durian ice cream at Goodwood Park Hotel.

The Deviled Eggs ($8) is a new addition to the menu here. If you are not a big fan of egg dishes or seafood in general, this might be something that could change your mind. The taste and freshness of the Snow Crab will hit you the moment you pop it in your mouth.

As for mains, I had the Baked Miso Cod ($38), which is one of the few Asian dishes on the menu. Typically, I tend to have Miso Cod Fish with vegetables, but this rendition came with waffled potatoes, creating a contrasting crunchy flavour to the fish.

After that, I had a go at the Foie Gras Beef Burger ($28). I really do love burgers, and thus, have a high benchmark set. But this burger blew me away! I was amazed to find that the Foie Gras was incorporated in the patty itself. It brought out the blue cheese and it complemented each other perfectly. Not a single flavour overpowered the other. I will definitely order this burger again.

Pork lovers rejoice, as you can expect the Braised Pork Cheeks ($32) to melt in your mouth. The meat is really soft as it is braised over a long period of time. The meat is also served stacked on top of a Yorkshire Pudding, making the overall dish both beautiful aesthetically and taste-wise. The accompanying sauce also had a very savoury and meaty flavour.

Finally, the desserts proved to be stunning in every way possible. It made it hard for me to pick a favourite. The Lemon Tart ($14) was made to look almost like a crème brûlée. I expected the lemon tart to carry a level of sourness, but on the contrary, it was pleasant. The sourness, instead, came from the crème fraiche.

I also had the privilege of trying the Sticky Toffee Pudding ($14), which I found to have the perfect balance of flavours: not too sweet yet packed with the right flavours. Of course, it paired swimmingly with the vanilla ice cream!

The Disgruntled Brasserie,

The Club Hotel 28 Ann Siang Road, Singapore 069708 Open daily from 7AM-11PM

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