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Zucchero Patisserie, Melaka

Melaka is becoming increasingly gentrified and who can blame em? They’ve got millions of tourists pouring in annually and that number is increasing year on year.

So, of course, new f&b establishments are popping up and offering plenty of variety to both the locals and the visitors.

Zucchero Patisserie is one of the newest players on the block, opened just a month ago by Timothy Riddle and his pastry chef partner.

The patisserie is a modern cafe with an interior boasting cool tones and stunning desserts. I’ve not seen many places in Malaysia that offer gateaus that are worth trying, but Zucchero Patisserie’s expertise lies in these gorgeous dessserts, so you mustn’t miss it.

We had the honour of trying some bite-sized samplers of the new mango cheesecake. We were told that it absolutely melts in the mouth and that wasn’t a lie!

Zucchero Patisserie also has whimsical looking drinks that’ll make you think you’ve been transported to some fairytale land. Their strawberry and Blue Waves lattes are interesting twists on the typical cafe type drinks and don’t actually contain any caffeine.

They also serve food, on top of their wide range of desserts, here. The first two dishes that caught my eye on the menu were the smoothie bowls. I’ve been kind of obsessed with smoothie bowls lately.

So, we got to try both their smoothie bowls. One was made with a mango base (Summer Bowl RM12) and the other, with a dragonfruit base (Dragon Bowl RM12). If the smoothie tastes sweet to you, you can be assured it is just the sweetness from the dates.

Both bowls come with a generous serving (definitely shareable between two to three people) with plenty of toppings from desiccated coconut flakes, pumpkin seeds, fruits and other yummy, healthy seeds.

For something a little more sinful, but still on the healthier scale of brunch foods, you can get an Eggs Benedict with ham and hollandaise sauce (RM18) here. It is served on freshly baked multigrain toast.

Otherwise, the sweet corn fritters (RM18) is a less-conventional, but equally tasty breakfast dish that is a must-try.

But our favourite dish for the day had to be the pumpkin soup (soup of the day RM12). It was absolutely the best pumpkin soup I have ever tried. It was just peppery enough, carried a multitude of spices and was the perfect creamy consistency.

Of course, since Zucchero Patisserie is owned by the founder of Cloud Gelato (now no longer open), we had to try their liquid nitrogen ice cream. We opted for the sea salt flavour (RM12), which came in a gentle baby blue colour and tasted awesome!

Zucchero Patisserie No. 18 Jalan KPKS 1, Kompleks Perniagaan Kota Shah Bandar (near Taipan Hotel) Open daily from 11AM to 11PM

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