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  • Sarah Voon

Portofino, Bangsar

Portofino is one of my favourite Italian places in Kuala Lumpur because even though it is opened by two Italians, they try to incorporate as much local flair into their dishes as possible without losing the Italian essence of things.

They’ve also got a killer wine menu. Recently, they brought in a vino expert from Verona – the hometown of Romeo and Juliet. And while the story of the star-crossed lovers may not have ended very well, my love story with the wines at Portofino definitely had a happy ending.

The Sartori line of wines which include amarone and some select whites, pairs beautifully with the food here at Portofino. If you have the chance to, head down to Portofino to try the Sartori wines, which are both incredibly well made as well as exclusive to the restaurant.

Personally, I am a vino bianco type of donna, so I loved the whites. Get your exclusive Sartori wines from Portofino today!

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