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Izy Restaurant & Bar, Club St

Japanese dining is continuously evolving in the fast-paced society that is Singapore, to keep relevant to its increasingly sophisticated market.

Izy Restaurant & Bar at Club Street is not new to the scene but it continues to cater to palates of all levels. The modern restobar serves up only the best Japanese cuisine while specialising in sakes and Asian-inspired cocktails.

Izy hosts up to 25 patrons at its long sprawling bar, which allows for diners to have a good view of some kitchen action by the chefs.

Hidden at the back of the restaurant is Cache, a Japanese speakeasy that is popular among the Tanjong Pagar crowd. Cache creates some of the best Japanese-inspired cocktails. All its cocktails are so exquisite, it feels like a symphony in your mouth upon consumption.

Izy offers a selection of small dishes perfect for sharing. We were recommended the Uni Onsen ($18) and the Pork Ginger Roll ($12) for appetisers.

The Uni Onsen is a combination uni (jellyfish) and a perfect onsen egg soaked in Happou Dashi Stock. The cold dish had an awesome burst of flavours, and literally melts in the mouth.

The jellyfish may not be for everyone, but if you’re an uni fan, you won’t be disappointed.

The pork ginger roll is a pork belly dish, rolled and grilled evenly with ginger and sancho spice. It is savoury and a little spicy due to the ginger. But it is a dish that whets the appetite.

The Wagyu Truffle Don ($34), grilled and served with onsen egg topped with seasonal truffle is a definite must-try if you are craving for high quality beef and at the same time, looking for a dish to keep fill you up.

The premium Japanese rice absorbed the truffle flavour very well and went perfectly with the sliced beef. If you are a fan of noodles and uni, Izy also has the Uni Pasta ($20) which will satisfy that uni craving of yours.

A little too rich for our liking but we recommend you give it a try because the uni is freshly imported from Hokkaido.

An interesting dish that Izy has on the menu is their Katsu Beef. Ranging around $30 at Izy, beef is a huge favourite in Japan and this wagyu cut is directly imported from Japan to ensure freshness and the best quality money can buy.

If you think pork katsu is good, this will blow your mind in all of its medium rare perfection. As mentioned, Cache is an interesting speakeasy bar to visit if you’re in for some japanese fanciful cocktails, which are to die for. The drinks at Izy offer a sensory experience like much of its neighbouring bars. Pictured below is the Flower Blue Moon ($23), a mixture of sipsmith, violet, elder flower, dandelion and lemon. Extremely fragrant and refreshing to taste, this drink, probably very suitable for the ladies, will bring out the feminine side of us.

Another cocktail that we thought was very commendable would be the Sakura ($22). A mix of vodka, umeshi liqueur, cointreau and sakura, this drink is surprisingly light on the palate and of course, the little sakura flower in the drink just adds to its delicacy.

Our experience at Izy restaurant was fabulous. The quality of food is without doubt, amazing and fresh. Choose to sit at the bar counter because the chefs are rather engaging, explaining to you the food that they served. If you’re looking for a good fusion of Japanese and Western cuisine with inspiring cocktails, Izy should be your first dining choice.

Izy Restaurant & Bar 27 Club Street Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 1230pm to 2pm Monday to Saturday 5pm till late

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