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Cafe Capricorn, PJ Old Town

I was just driving around PJ old town area one night, aimlessly, not quite sure what I was doing. I’m sure we’ve all had those nights… anyway, I chanced upon this vintage cafe/furniture shop? I decided to pop in and grab a quick dinner and I was hoping to also get some work done.

It was already 7:40pm by the time I entered the cafe and I asked if they were still open. They cheerfully said yes but they’d be closing at 8. I asked if it was okay for me to order food and they happily obliged.

I love it when places have good service. It’s really what distinguishes one cafe from another. Though they food options were limited, as they tout themselves to be a coffee and tea place, I saw enough items on the menu to cater to different palates.

You can pick up one of these cute trunks or shelving units or stools while you’re here too. I was so tempted to get one for myself but knowing that I’m moving more towards a minimalist life, I had to refrain from purchasing unnecessary items. #selfcontrolgamestrong

The interior of the cafe is spacious and I loved the tables! They were repurposed wood, which gave it a very rustic chic vibe. And they have a gorgeous window-side astroturf-covered platform that you can sit at and watch cars go by. There are also parking lots available here, which is a nice touch considering it’s within the housing stretch and parking here is limited.

I ordered myself a chicken slice salad (RM15.90), which is a simple lettuce, tomato, chicken ham, cucumber and crouton mix with Japanese roasted sesame dressing. It’s great for a quick bite and they use really fresh ingredients.

I also had a matcha latte (RM10.90), which was surprisingly unsweetened. And had an adorable matcha powdered panda on top.

I think because they were closing and probably had leftover batter, they also made me a complimentary matcha pancake, which was really nice to end my simple solo meal with.

Even though I had overstayed till past closing, they did not once try to chase me off or even make irritated noises. They were incredibly patient and friendly. Now that’s the kind of service standards I’m happy with.

For now, the place seems a little quiet, but perhaps it’s because I visited on a Monday night. But I think it’s a really nice place to just chill out at and enjoy a cuppa.

Cafe Capricorn 59, Jalan Penchala, Petaling Jaya. Open Mon-Sat 10AM-8PM

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