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Châteraisé, Publika

I had chanced upon this while walking around Isetan, One Utama one day but it was already closing hours and they had stopped serving customers. So when I passed by the Publika branch, I knew I had to go in and indulge in some sweet treats.

They've got the famous baked cheese tarts here that everyone's been going crazy about recently. Each tart goes for RM7.50 and it's not bad, though I still prefer Tokyo Secret's for some reason.

All the beautiful cakes are freshly and directly imported from Japan but are still surprisingly affordable.

Then you've got this whole array of fluffy sponge cakes and cream puffs that are to die for. And they've even got mochi cakes!

There are now tables for you to dine at but it is only available outside the shop. But still, it is nice to take it away to enjoy at home with the family.

When they first opened, there were no seats yet, so I got some packed goodies to go and enjoyed them near the Square in Publika.

They packed the treats very nicely in this cute box. Which opens up from the front and sides, making it easy to eat. They also provide plastic cutlery.

We ordered the brûlée sponge cake, which is as heavenly as it sounds. Enjoy the caramelised sugar atop of vanilla flavoured sponge cake for a well-rounded dessert (or in our case... breakfast).

The cheese tart was given to us at room temperature. It would have been far better served warm. Despite the temperature, it still tasted decent. But not something I would try again.

The matcha cream puff, however, is something I'd indulge in any time. The puff pastry is light and fluffy. The cold cream inside is the perfect filling for a cream puff and great to enjoy in our hot weather. Just don't keep it out for too long.

Even their Swiss roll sponge cake is really good. The perfect circle is a beauty to look at and when you sink your teeth into the soft texture of the cake, the feeling is unparalleled.

Our least favourite out of the lot we tried is the Camembert and walnut pancake. It was pleasant on the tastebuds but I think the flavour was slightly muted because we had already had so many overpowering flavours before this.

Chateraise Publika A4-G2-03 Solaris Dutamas, Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480 Kuala Lumpur Open daily from 11AM-10PM

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