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Erawan, DC Mall

Erawan reopens in DC Mall, Damansara Heights. It's been a week since they've opened and already they're fully booked for dinner every night. I was familiar with the hype surrounding the place before they opened in DC Mall but never got around to trying it.

So since DC Mall's just a stone's throw away from home, I decided to head there for dinner one evening with mother. I didn't realise that we would need reservations already, so we just strolled in.

The waitstaff seemed reluctant to release a table for two to us - perhaps because I was underdressed? After a couple of minutes of standing there with 4-5 waitstaff checking one clipboard and making a fuss, we were given a table. (Not a very pleasant way to start the meal, I must say.)

When we were given the menu, within a minute, the manager (I assume he's the manager as he's wearing a flamboyantly loud shirt compared to the rest of the waitstaff) came and asked us if we'd like still or sparkling water. To which I glanced up, my RBF game strong, and maybe with an eyebrow arched, and said, "Thai milk tea, please."

Still or sparkling water in a Thai restaurant, you've got to be kidding me.

Mother wanted to have a drink too but something without sugar as she's not supposed to have sweet stuff. She asked him politely if there are any drinks that are non-sugary.

And he brashly told us that all the drinks are pre-made and bottled. So she ordered the lemongrass honey lemon and he walked away.

I was hoping very much that another waitstaff would come and take our order, as they seemed more accommodating (and perhaps a bit timid of the manager). But alas, we were faced with Mr Manager once again to take our food order.

This is where things started getting irritating. I ordered a tom yum soup, to which, he just looked over me, and said in a rather haughty tone, "No salad?"

And for some reason, mother decided to bring up her sugar issue again and told him often, Thai salads tend to be quite sweet and we'd rather start with the soup. And he said this, and I quote, as close to verbatim as possible, "That may be true for other Thai restaurants but not for us. But if you want to start with a soup, then fine. The thick or clear tom yum?"

At this point, I was pretty enraged. But I just said, "Thick. With chicken. One glass noodles with salted egg yolk and one pandan chicken."

And he stopped me there and said, "I think that should be enough for you two."

Typically, I am grateful for waiters who gauge on my behalf and stop me from overordering.

But he'd already rubbed me the wrong way since we entered the restaurant.

Anyway! The drinks and food came at a reasonable pace. We started off with the pandan chicken (RM38), which disappointed me because it was definitely oversalted. The saltiness overpowered the pandan. But the chicken was juicy and tender, which is a pity because it was hard to enjoy with the saltiness.

Our next dish - the salted egg yolk glass noodle (RM38) - was much better. Ironically, this dish lacked salt (or maybe my tongue had run out of salt receptors after eating the pandan chicken). But it was pleasant and of course, presented beautifully. However, the prawns were definitely overcooked as they were rubbery.

Mother and I both enjoyed the tom yum (RM38), which had a good balance of flavours. The saltiness, sweetness, sourness and spiciness of this dish was of the right ratio. The ingredients were fresh and it was a good supplement to the meal.

Here are the drinks - the Thai milk tea and lemongrass honey lemon (RM12 each), pre-made and bottled. The Thai milk tea was really good - very thick and just the right amount of milk. The lemongrass drink was refreshing and not too sweet.

I hope that this bad experience I had here at Erawan was just due to teething problems and that it would improve in the future. But I wouldn't come back for a while.

Erawan @ DC Mall Lot L1-17-18, First Floor DC mall, Plaza DC Damansara City, 6, Jalan Damanlela, 50490 Kuala Lumpur Open daily from 12PM - 10PM

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