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Da Jia Fa: Best roast duck rice in JB

Nestled under some big trees (such a typical Malaysian description) in an industrial area sits an unassuming coffeeshop-like place that serves what I declare to be the best duck rice in JB and possibly everywhere else in the world. I have been frequenting this place for the past 4 years since it was introduced to me. I fell in love with this mouthwateringly good duck rice here as well as the awesome fuchok.

It is hard for me to explain to people why they ought to try this place, but its popularity should speak for itself. Though the stall opens till about 4PM, the roast duck and most of the food is sold out by 1-2PM, depending on the JB crowd. This is especially true on weekends. Do remember that weekends in JB are Friday and Saturday.

To avoid disappointment, I would always recommend going early. Otherwise, you won't be getting the best duck rice in JB and your trip to JB would have been a waste.

However, try not to go too early (like 9AM). Go around 11AM, before the huge lunch crowd hits. Why I say this is because if you go early, the juices from the roast duck meats and the fuchok would not have had much time to soak in the full depth of the flavours.

They also serve braised tofu and hard boiled eggs, which go great with the roast duck. You may choose to go with either rice or noodles with your roast duck.

Personally, I think rice is always good with roast duck, but if you're more of a noodle fan, then the noodles here are also worth trying. This is just a few of the reasons why this is the best roast duck in JB.

But truly, the star of any meal I have ever had here is the fuchok. Braised in what all my friends swear is bak kut teh broth, the fuchok absorbs the flavours of the broth and trust me, you could probably finish a whole bowl of this yourself.

This is a must-try here! It is a pity this is only found in JB, otherwise, I would be indulging in roast duck all day errday.

Da Jia Fa Duck Rice (八英里半大家发鸭肉) Jalan Kilang Nenas, Johor Open daily from 8:30AM-4PM Map:

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