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Artistry, Bugis

When I first moved to Singapore, I was excited at the prospect of going cafe-hopping around the island-city. But I soon discovered that my daily work routine prevented me from doing much of that. Thankfully, before the rush of working life in Singapore engulfed me completely, I managed to go around trying a few cafes. Artistry was one of them.

One early Sunday morning, we decided to head to Artistry to grab a quick breakfast before heading to service. Since it is in the Bugis area and it was still fairly early, we managed to get a parking spot easily. (But because we're Malaysians and we didn't have the bloody coupons, we kena saman, sigh.)

Artistry reminded me of Cafe Studio in Kota Damansara, Kuala Lumpur. Must be the art pieces adorning the walls and also the bright, airy interior of the place, giving it a very studio-vibe.

We saw some artsy fartsy types come in while we were having our breakfast - I guess they were just drawn to the whole artistry of the place (okay, bad pun, #notevenapun #dobetternexttimeSarah).

I had to have my morning latte ($5), of course. I wasn't too hungry but since I was having breakfast with the family, we decided to go all out with the food. The mother and sister shared a big breakfast ($20).

Like I've mentioned in previous posts, this is something I would normally not order at brunch places because it tends to be run-of-the-mill, average stuff. I mean, how much could you possibly do with a big breakfast, right?

Well, in this case, I was wrong. Artistry manages to elevate the classic breakfast dish to the next level just by simply getting the best and freshest ingredients and ensuring they are cooked in the best way possible.

And I decided to try this crispy kale, scrambled eggs and truffle tater tots combination. I got a little too carried away here and forgot to take note of the price or the exact name of the dish. All I can say is that if any dish can make me want to put my camera down ASAP and even forget to take notes, then it's succeeded in winning over my heart (and stomach!).

Artistry Cafe 17 Sungai Pinang, Singapore 199149 Open Tues to Sat: 9AM-11PM Sunday: 9AM - 4PM Closed on Mondays

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