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Hyde & Co, North Bridge Rd

I stumbled across Hyde & Co. when I was searching for places to have a killer Singapore chilli crab sauce pasta. So, we set aside a brunch date one weekday and made our way to North Bridge Rd to check out this halal establishment - a rarity in Singapore.

Of course, much like many other cafes in Singapore, Hyde & Co. reflects a similar facade that is both minimalist and hipster. White walls are lined with art and food-related quotes to stimulate your mind while you wait for your food to be served.

We're not huge tea drinkers - but we can relate to this quote if you replace tea with coffee...

Like I said, we're coffee drinkers, so we had a latte ($6.50), a mocha ($5.50) and an iced black ($5.50).

We ordered some parmesan fries ($10) to start off with and it came with an aioli dip.

Since we came here for the chilli crab pasta ($18), I did not bother to order anything else for my main. The base here is an arrabbiata and not exactly the Singapore chilli crab sauce, but more of a fusion of the two. It was a little spicier than expected, but tasty nonetheless.

What was surprisingly good here was the salted egg crawfish mac and cheese ($22). It's a mouthful to say and you will most certainly be shovelling mouthfuls down your throat. It is decadent and rich but worth every calorie.

We saw the onde-onde french toast ($15) on the menu and just had to give it a try. However, it was rather disappointing and its flavours did not particularly gel well.

We would think twice before coming back to Hyde & Co. except for the mac and cheese. Otherwise, most of the food here is standard fare and there is nothing in particular to shout about. It is also on the higher range in terms of cost to dine at cafes.

Hyde & Co. 785 North Bridge Road Singapore 198753

Monday 12pm till 6pm

Wednesday to Friday 12pm till 10pm

Saturday 11am till 10pm

Sunday 11am till 6pm

Closed on Tuesdays

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