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The New Italiannies Mob Platter

A’more di Merrier! That is the philosophy at Italiannies, which translates in English to “food is a celebration of life".

The good people at Italiannies believe that The New Mob Platter reflects this spirit of sharing and gathering around food that is so prominent in the Italian culture.

It’s a celebration of their 10 best selling dishes and it embraces the rustic Italian flavors! It is perfect for sharing amongst people that you love. Each mouthwatering platter feeds about 3-4 people.

The platter consists of: Roasted Chicken, Grilled Salmon, Lamb Oregano, Shrimp Skewers, Marinara Meatballs, Cheese Balls, Aglio Olio Spaghetti, Mixed Salad, Grilled Potatoes and Grilled Tomato with Parmesan Cheese.

Trust me when I say that everything on this platter is really yum! The chicken and lamb were seasoned to perfection. The salmon is flaky and fresh and cooked just the right amount. My personal favourite is the cheese balls! The meatballs are succulent and are drenched with tasty tomato sauce.

From today until October 16th, if you find Don Roberto’s famous mug shot on your platter, you and your friends will get to enjoy the platter for free! All you have to do is simply snap a photo and upload onto Facebook ( with #findingthedon #Italiannies for your chance to win!

The Mob Platter is priced at RM 149.90 and it’s available till the 31st of October.

Italiannies Lot F-215, First Floor, The Gardens Mid Valley City, Lingkara Syed Putra 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Open daily 10AM-10PM

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