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Caffe Vergnano, The South Beach

Caffe Vergnano 1882, a concept cafe located in at South Beach, has opened their 100th outlet in Singapore. Sticking close to their heritage, the establishment greets diners with a classic Italian interior, boasting Italian oak walls, wooden floorboards, and brown eco-leather banquettes.

The Singapore outlet features an 8m by 6m LED wall depicting a pictorial timeline, showcasing the milestones in chronological order leading to their 100th cafe.

Claiming to serve only Italy’s best, Caffe Vergnano focuses strongly on their authentic Italian espresso.

The highlight of the espresso blends lies in their slow roasting process, which takes about 18 - 20 minutes, compared to ’turbo roasting’, the more common 5-6 minutes of roasting time.

Its sweet and inviting aroma blend is attributed to their process of roasting different beans separately based on its origins. We ordered a few types of coffee to start off our morning.

A blend of espresso, foamed milk, chocolate powder and chocolate cream, the Marocchino Speciale (from $5), is indeed a satisfying and delicious espresso mix. The mocha-esque drink carries a rich chocolatey taste, blended seamlessly with the robust, nutty espresso.

Another one of their house specials would be the Bicerin (from $6). The Turin signature - a traditional warm concoction of espresso and luxurious cocoa topped with cream is definitely a comfort drink if you’re not rushing for time. Caffe Vergnano invests in chocolate machines, which gives the full flavour of cocoa.

They also have the usual coffee to go such as lattes, cappuccino and flat whites. Not in the photo and if you want to savour true Italian coffee, do it with their espresso ($3.50). Extremely robust and nutty, the full flavoured blend is a combination of brazilian, colombian and indian cabriole. The pleasant aftertaste of the smooth drink will yearn you lingering for more.

Apart from getting your caffeine fix, the cafe also offer a menu to satisfy your hunger pangs. Light bites include creamy chicken and mushroom pie, Ravioli with Tomato and Basil Sauce, or even desserts like the Lavender Chocolate cake, Speculoos Cheese cake, or the traditional Cranberry Pound Cake.

Our overall experience was excellent, with commendable service from the cafe staff. We definitely recommend coffee, and cocoa lovers to dine in Caffe Vergnano to get your daily caffeine fix, for they serve premium quality coffee at affordable price.

Caffe Vergnano

South Beach Avenue (Opposite Raffles Hotel)

26 Beach Road, #B1-17

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday - 8am to 9pm

Saturday & Sunday - 9am to 6pm

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