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Salted Egg Prata Bomb at Big Street, Jalan Besar

We heard about the salted egg prata bomb here at Big Street and just had to try it for ourselves. I didn't expect the establishment I'd sit down in to enjoy this sinful treat to be quite as classy and atas as Big Street. But I guess having salted egg in prata should have tipped me off a little.

The salted egg prata bomb is every bit as decadent as you'd imagine it to be. Break open the crispy outer shell to reveal a rush of liquid gold on the inside, just waiting to gush out. Get those iPhones out to Boomerang it, because you've only got one shot!

We also came across another unexpected dish on the menu that we just had to try. The Singapore chilli crab prata is an absolute dream come true. The Singapore chilli crab sauce is the perfect consistency and offers your palate a myriad of well blended flavours.

Since it was midnight, we felt it best not to indulge too much in carb-heavy pratas. But we will definitely be back to try their other dishes. This is hands down one of the best pratas we've ever tried - from the crispy prata to the fillings inside.

Big Street @ Jalan Besar 104-106 Jalan Besar, Singapore 208828 Open Tues - Sun 11AM-3AM Closed on Mondays +65 6100 2661

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