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Woogo California Smoothies, Wisma Central

With Malaysia's hot and humid climate, it is nice to cool down with an iced cold drink with fresh fruits! And you can do just that with the newest smoothie franchise in town - Woogo California Smoothies.

Why is Woogo unique? It is made of a spoonful of homemade fruit sorbet; a portion of low fat yogurt; some fruit juice; ice; and a hit of fresh fruits.

“We hope all the people out there can savour the authentic flavour of California smoothie without worries of the nutrition level of smoothies," said Freddy, the founder of Woogo California Smoothies Malaysia.

"While at the same time, the public can feel our enthusiasm, happiness and good vibes. This had been our motto since the first day Woogo was established," he said.

To cater to Malaysian tastebuds, Woogo has come up with some unique flavour combinations, such as the Apple Khabar smoothies and Orangutan California.

Other than smoothies, Woogo Malaysia also serves a number of California Mix Juices where customers can choose whether they want their beverage served hot or cold.

Woogo California Smoothies opened their first franchise in Malaysia at Wisma Central. It will soon be followed up with a second and third franchise at Paradigm Mall and Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall respectably.

Woogo California Smoothies Wisma Central

1.17, Wisma Central,

Jalan Ampang,

50450 Kuala Lumpur.

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