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Wheeler's Yard, Lorong Ampas

Hidden behind an iconic blue metal gate and trendy hipster bicycles, Wheeler’s Yard is a cafe that cyclists and families frequent on weekends. It is located right along Whampoa park connector, making it even more convenient for park-goers to enjoy their meals there.

The industrial warehouse creates a spacious environment while affording diners a vintage feel. Before its revamp, there were spates of negative feedback from unsatisfied diners about their food and service.

Today, however, Wheeler's Yard proves to have redeemed itself. It has embraced some Japanese culture, infused into some classic Western dishes on their menu.

To start off our tasting session, we tried the Lychee Loving Tea ($6) and Melon Me up ($9), which were both appetising and refreshing.

The Lychee Loving Tea was on the sweeter side and would definitely suit those with a sweet tooth. Melon Me up on the other hand, had a good balance of fruity flavours. The addition of the ice cream brought liveliness to the melon soda and is a definite thirst quencher.

A complete meal always starts off with an appetiser. In this case, we were served the Sakura Ebi Cold Tofu ($9.90).

This dish is cold silken tofu, accompanied with sakura ebi, homemade Irizate sauce, sliced leeks, fish flakes, japanese seasoning and sprinkled with white sesame.

The combination of the condiments came really well together. The Irizate sauce was fully absorbed into the tofu, giving such depth to the flavour in each spoonful. It certainly earned its spot as a must-try appetiser and got us excited for the mains.

Comprising a snapper loin, fresh lettuce, dashi soy braised shimeji mushroom and bean curd skin, the Pan Seared Snapper ($18.90) is a a dish we would recommend if you want your main to be on the lighter side. The fish was so fresh and the meat was tender and smooth.

The head chef, Arthur, emphasised that the snappers are rather lightweight, resulting in the soft texture of the fish meat.

The sautéed romaine lettuce placed at the bottom is a healthy alternative to noodles, which would also have worked well with the dish. It looked and tasted very healthy, and we certainly didn't mind spending our calories on this!

The highlight of our tasting would be the Suki Rice Beef Bowl ($18.90). A definite must try for beef lovers! Using the secondary cut from the cow, the beef bowl which is also the chef’s recommended dish, is bound to give you the satisfaction of a meal well had.

Not only is the beef tender and juicy, the imported high grade rice when mixed with the onsen egg was so fragrant, our senses enjoyed every bit of its fluffiness. The taste of the daikon was elevated by the well-blended, full flavoured homemade suki sauce.

Our last serving was a Yuzu Creme Brulee ($12.90). This french dessert had bits of yuzu pieces, a slab of matcha ice cream, topped with japanese red beans.

The taste was well combined and we thought it was rather creative to introduce Yuzu into the rich custard base. Although a little too sweet for our liking, we are sure this would make a good hi-tea choice.

If you had any doubts about the food at Wheeler’s Yard before, do consider giving it a second chance for its innovative new dishes.

Wheeler's Yard 28 Lorong Ampas Opening Hours: Tues–Thurs: 10.30am – 10pm Fri & Sat: 10.30am – 11pm Sun: 10.30am – 10pm

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