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Project B, Sentul

Food with a good cause is something that's on the rise in Malaysia.

After my review of Charlie's Cafe in Taman Desa and experiencing the pay-it-forward system, I fell in love with the concept of marrying charity with food.

We eat so much on a daily basis and I'm sure a lot of it goes to waste. We don't bat an eyelid. But there are plenty of the needy who would kill to be in your shoes, enjoying the same simple joys in life.

It wasn't my first visit to Project B in Sentul, but we decided to head down for a review recently to highlight their cause as well as some of their hot-selling dishes.

If the facade seems familiar, you're probably thinking, it looks and feels much like The BIG Group's chain of restaurants. You're not too far off there.

Project B is a social enterprise run by Dignity for Children with the support from Berjaya and The BIG Group. It is a training platform for students in Dignity as well as a community cafe where local community can come and connect with each other.

Food and drinks here are also reasonably priced to promote inclusiveness and to allow for people of all income groups to enjoy the dining experience. I got my coffee fix for only RM6 (considering the quality and size of the drink, this is below average price when it comes to cafes). Board games are available here, open to everybody.

Fried chicken seems to be a popular dish here. For RM15, you get two large pieces of their Signature fried chicken with fries and a side.

For the same price, you can also try their rendition of the Korean fried chicken. This is a lot sweeter and slightly spicier than the Signature. I salute Dignity for training their students so well to be able to produce food of such calibre and scale.

There are also some local favourites here like the Nasi Lemak and Curry Laksa. Both are well executed and would satisfy any Malaysian's tastebuds.

Pastas are also served here. Trust me, you will want to try their Thai Green Curry Chicken Pasta. My dining partners confidently declared that it was better than any green curry dish they had ever tasted in Thailand itself. I had to concur. It was creamy and thick with that distinctive curry flavour. Presentation here is also incredibly beautiful.

If curry isn't up your alley, then try the aglio olio or marinara options. While these two are decent on its own, it cannot hold a candle to the Thai green curry chicken pasta.

If it is anything that could potentially outshine (but not quite yet) the green curry pasta, it would be their desserts.

We got to try their beautifully plated, in-house baked chocolate brownies. Kudos to the team for coming up with such a quirky presentation for the classic dessert that brought us all back to our childhood. Our only wish is for them to add a scoop of vanilla ice cream to this dish to make the whole thing come together even better.

Another dessert that blew us away unexpectedly was the stack of cookies. I'm not a huge cookie fan so I only had a small bite. But that was enough to put a smile on my face. The rest of my dining partners seemed to be enjoying it, considering they scarfed it down before I could even ask for a glass of milk to dip it in.

Our last dessert was the butter cake, which was rather decent if you're having it for afternoon tea. Presentation, again, is on point. I really have to say that I was quite impressed that students of the Dignity foundation could produce dishes far superior to some cafes I've tried around the rest of Kuala Lumpur.

I fully support what Dignity is doing with their foundation and I urge you to check them out at The foundation believes in sustainability and empowering the next generation.

Project B 25-G Jalan 11/48A, Sentul Raya Boulevard, Kuala Lumpur. Open everyday from 11AM-10PM

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