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Weiner, Da Men Mall USJ

The moment I walked into Weiner, I knew I'd love it. It has all the trappings of what makes a good bar - fun decor, plenty of food and drinks as well as a really friendly manager, Siva. Siva and I became instant friends when I spoke to him and found out that he had come from Singapore and that Weiner was under the Sarnies Group (a favourite of mine).

I knew I'd have a good time here at Weiner when Siva started rattling off cocktails he would be making for us. The ingredients sounded foreign and imaginative. And Weiner, of course, serves hot dogs.

But not just any kind - we had gourmet hot dogs.

The hot dogs arrived later than the drinks, so we were buzzing and happy when the food finally came. We started off our tasting with a Pandan cocktail. I love the use of local ingredients in cocktails, they really taste like something you'd get at a mamak (except with alcohol, duh!). The Pandan cocktail, also known as Saigon Sally, is pretty in pink and contains gin and egg white.

Like how you'd typically order a Kopi O at the mamak, you can request for an espresso martini here at Weiner. The coffee beans come from the famous Sarnies, which is known for their great coffee in Singapore. The beans are roasted in Sarnies itself and brought over to KL to create this beautiful drink.

The third cocktail we tried was a very interesting one. It's called Soi Cowboy and as you might have guessed, draws its inspiration from Thailand. The drink is made with house-infused tomyam vodka. That's right - not just your plain ol' vodka, it is tomyam in all of its spicy and flavourful glory. Chewing on the chilli for additional spice is optional, because the drink is already good on its own.

And since I'm a creature of habit, I just had to request for Siva to make me a gin & tonic. To keep me happy but still remain true to his creativity, he made me a gorgeous cucumber martini.

Finally once I polished off all the drinks, it was time to dig in. The hotdogs arrived and everything from the presentation to the taste blew me away. Such classic street food had been turned into a work of art here at Weiner.

We tried the Kamikaze (RM19) and Slum Dog (RM20). My ever-flattering angle of photos make the hotdog look smaller and skinnier than it is in real life. If you're a big eater, this is definitely for you.

My favourite at Weiner is the Mac Daddy (RM22). A massive weiner is sandwiched in the hot dog bun and generously covered in Mac and cheese. This is comfort food to its true definition.

The El Chapo (RM22) is a spicy jalapeño hot dog covered in plenty of chili, nacho bits and what I assume to be ranch sauce. It is a gift from the gods and best paired with the nectar of gods, beer.

Weiner has drawn me back twice since and I think it'll be one of my go-to places every time I am in the area.

Weiner G-25, Ground Floor, Da:Men Mall USJ Subang Jaya, Selangor. Open Mon-Sun, 10AM-10PM.

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