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Beans N Beans, Da Men Mall USJ

Da:Men Mall in USJ is the latest addition to the USJ neighbourhood, attracting many of its residents. So it is no surprise that it has opened up a number of food outlets. Beans N Beans is one of them. The brand is imported from Korea. It's ingredients are also imported from their main supplier in Korea to ensure authenticity.

On my first visit to Beans N Beans, I walked in feeling absolutely famished. So, I ended up ordering a whole bunch of sandwiches and a soup for myself and two friends who were equally hungry.

It was recommended that we try their grapefruit soda (RM14.60), which wasn't too fizzy and had a really refreshing flavour.

At the recommendation of a very friendly owner of the place, we decided to try the bulgogi chicken sandwich (RM15.90), spicy tuna sandwich (RM15.90) and a breakfast wrap (RM15.90). The chicken bulgogi sandwich was an instant favourite among all of us, served with crisps and easily made a complete meal. The chicken bulgogi is cooked fresh daily and the flavours are well-absorbed into the meat. The spicy tuna sandwich was decent but nothing spectacular, while the wrap is something good to have on-the-go.

We also tried a really interesting pumpkin soup (RM13.80), which came with peanuts, so I couldn't have much. But it was a really sweet and thick broth that is great for a cold, rainy evening.

Of course, no visit to a Korean place is complete without desserts. Korean desserts have blasted their way into the Malaysian foodie scene in recent years and desserts are injeolmi toast and bingsu are no strangers to us. Sadly, injeolmi toasts always come with peanuts or peanut butter so I can hardly enjoy it. But I still love having the injeolmi with my bingsu (and I tend to request it without peanuts, of course).

It was only during my second visit to Beans N Beans at Da:Men that I tried their bingsu because we were too stuffed during the first visit. But I have to say, this is one of the better bingsus I have tried in Malaysia. According to the owner of the outlet, the ingredients are directly imported from Korea to ensure consistency of the bingsu at all times.

Since I love soy products very much, the soy and injeolmi bingsu (RM16.80) was my favourite, with a very light flavour to it. But the portions are big enough for two to share, so I wasn't able to finish this on my own.

Two of the other top selling flavours for bingsu here are the green tea (RM17.80) and chocolate bingsu (RM17.80) bowls. It is easy to see why everyone loves the green tea version because the matcha taste goes very well with the milky snow ice.

The chocolate bingsu bowl is gorgeous to look at and of course, incredibly Instagrammable. It comes with an oreo cookie, sliced bananas, fudge brownie bites and even a chocolate wafer stick. It makes for a very diverse dessert in terms of flavours and textures.

We would definitely return to Beans N Beans to try more of their bingsu flavours like the salted caramel popcorn one (yummmm).

Beans N Beans Da:Men Mall USJ A-01-03, Damen USJ1, No.1, Persiaran Kewajipan, 47600 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia Open Mon-Wed 11AM-11PM Thurs - Sun 11AM-12AM

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