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Cafe Studio, Kota Damansara

Making good coffee is an art, so it was a great experience to watch coffee artists at work in an actual art studio. Cafe Studio in Kota Damansara is a modern art space featuring local artists as well as a gorgeous cafe.

The vibe here is laidback and it is easy to spend a whole Sunday afternoon lazing here. Though it has the fittings of a museum, it carries the warmth of a friendly neighbourhood cafe.

Walking around Cafe Studio is never boring because you are engaging in thought-provoking art while also piquing your senses with freshly brewed coffee and lovingly crafted meals.

We tried a few dishes and drinks here at Cafe Studio. It started off pretty gentle with a pot of passionfruit tea. A lot of thought has been put into the presentation of their drinks and food here, ensuring the entire journey is laden with inspiration.

The sandwich combo is thoughtfully crafted to look like a beautiful fresh garden of produce rising from the bed of bread. The sandwiches come in nine different varieties from the very humble crabmeat to a spicy tuna delight.

Even their mocktail coolers are a work of art, displayed in tall wine glasses to showcase the various elements in the drink. My favourite was the pomegranate mocktail because as you move the glass around, the fizz in the drink makes the little pomegranate seeds dance around in an almost magical way.

We also tried the roasted chicken salad with two of their nine house-made sauces. We tried both the mint cream and Japanese toasted sesame sauces. My personal favourite is the mint cream sauce.

But truly what one would come here for is the coffee. As professionally as mixologists concoct cocktails, baristas here expertly execute techniques to brew various types of coffee with beans from all around the world.

I loved the Irish coffee even though it was made sans alcohol.

The different types of contraptions used to make the coffee would make any hipster's dream come true.

The coffee beans have differing levels of strength. If you're particularly sensitive to coffee and tend to get the shakes after two cups like I do, then get the baristas to brew something on the lighter side. The coffees are best enjoyed piping hot and without sugar to get the full bodied flavours.

Cafe Studio No 42A-1 & 46-1, Jalan PJU 5/20D The Strand, Kota Damansara, 47100 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia Open Tues - Sat from 11am - 11:30pm Sun & Mon from 10am - 10pm

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