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Mezza9 Champagne Brunch, Grand Hyatt Singapore

Mezza9 at Grand Hyatt Singapore is already well-known for its world-class, international buffet spread. It is a popular choice for birthdays and other special occasions. Grand Hyatt is actually one of my favourite hotels in Singapore to go to for a staycation and of course, to enjoy their incredible champagne brunch on Sundays. So, if you like being pampered that way, you know where to go...

Champagne is free-flow for the champagne brunch, but one glass it all it takes to really enhance your meal here at Mezza9.

I was seated right next to the dessert bar, which made it very tempting for me to start my meal off with one of their decadent chocolate tarts, but I managed to exhibit some form of self-control while walking past it to check out the other offerings here at Mezza9.

Once and if you're past the dessert table, you will find yourself face to face with an impressive line-up of freshly imported seafood. It can be overwhelming to have to pick from palm-sized mussels and oysters as well as gargantuan prawns, but the joy of eating at a buffet is that you can always eat them all.

Otherwise, spoil yourself with some prosciutto... This will work well with the champagne. There is just something about having cold cuts/raw/smoked meat with wine/champagne. Add some cheese and you've got yourself hors d'oeurves for a dinner party.

I decided to pull a classic Sarah and made myself a salad with sweet pumpkin slices, huge blocks of feta cheese, bright red cherry tomatoes and a mix of leafy greens. Drizzled with just a little bit of olive oil, it was the perfect way to start my meal.

After that, I couldn't resist but to raid the grill, where I got to enjoy foot-long sausages, grilled chicken and even cute little sliders.

Local fare also makes a statement here at Mezza9. Aiming to capture the hearts of travellers who don't wish to go beyond the hotel, local fare here offers some of the best dishes like the classic Hainanese chicken rice and even dimsum.

Still going along the Asian roots, there is a yakitori section here at Mezza9 too. I am a huge fan of yakitori. Again, it is one of those foods that would pair so well with alcohol. Though typically, yakitori is best enjoyed with beer like an icy cold pint of Asahi, I think champagne is a (really) good substitute.

The final stop I made at Mezza9 was at the sashimi counter. How you can tell whether a buffet is worth it is always by making a visit to the sashimi counter, whether or not you enjoy the raw fish. The freshness of the fish comes out in its vibrant colours. I think it is a great thing that the chefs here let the raw fish sit on ice, waiting to be picked up by hungry diners, because it keeps it extra fresh. Most other places tend to just put it on Japanese-styled plates or bamboo mats but I believe that the ice is the best presentation. The brightly coloured fish stands out from the white of the ice and it is a practical way of presenting it.

Prices for Mezza9's Sunday champagne brunch:

  • S$148++ per person inclusive of Perrier- Jouet Grand Brut Champagne, cabernet sauvignon, cloudy bay sauvignon blanc, tiger beer, mojito and bloody mary

  • S$158++ per person, inclusive of Perrier-Jouet Blason Rose Champagne , cabernet sauvignon, cloudy bay sauvignon blanc, tiger beer, mojito and bloody mary

  • S$288++ per person, inclusive of Perrier-Jouet Belle Epoque Vintage Champagne, cabernet sauvignon, cloudy bay sauvignon blanc, tiger beer, mojito and bloody mary

  • S$128++ per person, inclusive of fruits juices and soft drinks (no alcohol)

  • S$69++ per child (ages 3 years – 12 years old)

Mezza9, Grand Hyatt Singapore Grand Hyatt Hotel, 10 Scotts Rd, Singapore 228211 Champagne brunch hours: Sunday from 11:30AM to 3PM

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