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Carousel, Royal Plaza on Scotts Singapore

Carousels have always been one of my favourite rides to go on at theme parks. It's relaxing to sit on one of the horses or carriages as I go round and round, watching the people pass in a haunting, blurry motion. Carousel, the restaurant at Royal Plaza on Scotts, gave me a similar feeling, except I was going around the world with food on their "ride".

One thing special about Carousel is that it is one of the few halal-certified buffet places in Singapore. But interestingly enough, as I was told by their head chef, it isn't the restaurant itself that is halal-certified, but it is in fact, each individual station that is halal-certified. That is incredibly reassuring for the Muslim travellers who like to frequent the hotel.

They even have a chicken rice stall in the restaurant that is fashioned to look like those you would find at a hawker centre. And from what we had that day, the chicken rice here is a decent contender for the hawker stalls around Singapore.

If you're looking for a more zen experience, head over to the Japanese sashimi counter where chefs expertly slice the raw fish with silent perfection. The sashimi is undeniably fresh and regularly replenished.

Another station that attracts plenty of attention would be the fresh seafood section. Its oysters are just waiting to be shucked and the imported crustaceans with all of its juicy meat ready to be eaten.

Another popular section here at Carousel is their meat section where diners can get slices of tender lamb and beef and chicken straight from the grill.

For a more localised palate, there are plenty of individually halal-certified local food stalls here at Carousel for you to choose from. Our favourites include the laksa as well as the chicken rice.

Let's not forget about dessert where you can dispense soft, icy frozen yogurt from the machines here and top it off with sweet treats like sprinkles and gummies.

Buffet prices for lunch on weekdays start at $56++ for adults.

Carousel @ Royal Plaza on Scotts

25, Scotts Road, Singapore.

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