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  • Sarah Voon

Rumpoles Bar, Hotel Jen Tanglin

Starting this August, Rumpoles Bar at Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore will be serving five hawker-inspired cocktails. Wacky and unique reinterpretations of popular local favourites like teh-o limau ice, kopi-c and ice kachang, these drinks were the brainchild of Rumpoles’ resident bartender, Ms Nur Veronica. For instance, if you reckon you are an adventurous person, Kopi-B is the cocktail to try. Unique and nutty, the combination of Highwest rye-infused bacon whiskey, Punt e Mes (a dark, bitter Italian vermouth) and a Maraschino cherry make for a full-flavoured, hearty drink accented by a touch of cherry sweetness. And yes, you even get bacon strips on a mini bamboo skewer to use as your stirrer.

Rumpoles will also be serving familiar local snacks to accompany these cocktails. Chicken satay (marinated chicken skewers cooked over a grill), popiah rolls (rice flour rolls with various fillings), kueh pie tee (mini savoury biscuit shells with a vegetable and prawn filling), sambal ikan bilis with roasted nuts (fried anchovies and peanuts tossed with spicy chilli paste) and epok-epok (pastries with a tasty potato filling) are available to share with friends.

Rumpoles Bar, Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore 1A Cuscaden Rd, Singapore 249716

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