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Pince & Pints, Jalan Telawi

Pince & Pints opened in October last year at Jalan Telawi, Bangsar, following the success of their first branch in Singapore. Nestled in the heart of the busiest part of Bangsar, Pince & Pints is a specialty restaurant (they only serve lobster-based dishes!) that has a very brief menu with only four dishes offered – grilled or steamed live whole lobster, lobster roll, chilli lobster, and lobster noodles. Each dish is cooked with one whole live lobster weighing approximately 600g and is priced at the flat rate of RM158*.

Despite the limited choices in the menu, Pince & Pints loves coming up with time-limited, unique recipes for special, celebratory occasions. In the spirit of Merdeka and Malaysia Day, Pince & Pints is paying homage to the much-loved, century old Malaysian favourite - laksa! They came up with a dish that looks and smells tantalisingly delicious! The lobster laksa is a spicy soup made with more than eight flavourful ingredients such as chili paste, lemongrass, turmeric, shrimp, coconut milk, bunga kantan, galangau and other secret ingredients. I tried prying from the chef, but he wouldn’t budge and in the end we gave up, put on our bibs and got right down to business.

The strong aromas of the fragrant bunga kantan and fresh coconut milk hit my sense of smell immediately when it was served. It was enough to make my mouth water before even taking a sip of the soup. The laksa broth is simmered for three hours with chunks of lobster meat and its head, releasing a subtle sweet taste, smoothly easing its way into the creamy and spicy concoction. They also use Chinese rice noodles in the recipe to provide chewier, more resilient texture as opposed to the traditional laksa noodles.

They get their supply of lobsters air-flown from Maine twice a week to a warehouse in Puchong and keep the lobsters alive until the moment you order to ensure maximum freshness and quality. True enough, the lobster meat was very soft and juicy. I even found myself putting down my chopsticks and spoon to wholly enjoy the experience with my bare hands.

The lobster laksa is priced at RM98* per serving since it’s topped with a half portion of fresh lobster, but it’s a fairly fulfilling meal with generous portions of other ingredients like soft tauhu, fish cake slices and boiled egg included in the dish. You could also get their mint lime cooler, a refreshing, light fizzy lime drink to pair with the wholesome laksa.

Head on down quickly to catch their lobster laksa and find out what time-limited specialty dish they will be coming up with next! I heard it's going to be something pretty special since Pince & Pints will be celebrating their first anniversary in October.

*not inclusive of government tax and service charges

Pince & Pints 32, Jalan Telawi 5, Bangsar Baru Opening Hours: Mon - Fri : 5.30pm - 11.30pm (Dinner only) Sat, Sun & PH : 11.30am - 11.30pm Open on Public Holidays Last order for kitchen 10.30pm

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