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Tiki Taka, Jalan Kasah

After a long day, Tiki Taka is the perfect place to unwind. With its creative cocktails, ice cold beer, array of mouth-watering food and FREE valet parking -- it has all the right ingredients for a good night out!

Located in a cozy corner along the very happening Jalan Kasah in Medan Damansara (where parking is notoriously limited), Tiki Taka offers fusion dishes with a creative twist.

Inspired by his travels around Europe, owner Hans Gill alongside head Chef Carrie draw inspiration from Barcelona's pintxos and tapas dishes. The idea is for customers to try a little bit of everything and it definitely makes for a fun dining experience.

We started off the evening by ordering some pintxos, which are small individual snacks that are typically eaten in Spanish bars.

The standout was definitely the Nutella Bacon which had crispy bacon, Nutella, caramelised bananas, walnuts, truffle honey and blueberries all in one bite. Foodgasm. We almost couldn't contain ourselves...

I was most excited to try this dish and it did not disappoint. It was exactly how I imagined it to be... and more! The bacon was deliciously crispy and salty, the Nutella sweet, rich and oh-so-chocolately, the bananas melt in your mouth, the blueberries give that pop of fruity acidity and the walnuts provided an additional crunchy texture to the dish. It was so sinful, but I will not hesitate to order it again!

We also tried the Tomato & Serrano pintxos. The tomato was fresh and juicy, the serrano ham salty and the balsamic glaze was sweet yet salty. It was a classic and well-balanced dish. We love how beautiful the plating at Tiki Taka is. You can truly see how much heart Chef Carrie puts into her dishes by adding edible flowers and making the dish colourful as well as tasty.

If you're a fan of fish burgers, you'd love the Mcfillet! The fish has a delicate crispy panko batter on the outside, leaving the fish gorgeously moist on the inside. It was paired with a lovely passion fruit sauce, some creamy ranch dressing, fresh parsley and crunchy cucumber. McD's Fillet 'o' Fish ain't got nothing on this Mcfillet!

The Dabeli Tart was my least favourite pintxos out of the four. The pastry was nice and crumbly, but was a tad bit sweet. The spices in the potato were delicious and I enjoyed the fresh burst from the pomegranate. The tomatoes, celery and shallots were also paired well with the masala potato filling, but the sweet pastry was simply not for me.

Moving on to the tapas, we started off with the Sriracha Gambas Al Ajillo. The beautifully sauteed prawns really packed a punch from the beautiful garlicky Sriracha sauce with a splash of lemon juice and parsley. I absolutely loved the strong flavours in this dish!

The Saffron & Squid Ink Pasta came next and turned out to be one of my favourites! It is hard to find squid ink pasta to begin with and to have it so well cooked, I was in heaven! The springy pasta was served with a lovely creamy saffron sauce, fresh mandarin orange wedges, citrus prawn and Szechuan chili oil to give slight heat to the dish. The flavours worked so well together and it was definitely one of the prettiest dishes with the black pasta contrasted against that creamy orange sauce. To be honest, I could probably tuck into a whole bowl without much effort!

Tiki Taka offers pizzas in their menu too, and we got to try one with a very interesting ingredient - strawberry! It was a Strawberry Chicken pizza! Yup, you read right! Strawberry. And. Chicken. My first thought was: 'Fruits in pizza?! A savoury pizza? Blasphemy!' but I quite literally ate my words! I was pleasantly surprised with this dish, the strawberries provided a tartness that went really well with the grilled chicken, caramelized onion, balsamic glaze and barbecue sauce. It was a creative and truly inspirational dish. I would recommend everyone try this dish for more than just the novelty of the strawberries, because the entire pizza is to die for!

For dessert, we had the churros with dark chocolate sauce and it was delicious! The Spanish doughnuts were crispy and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar, and dipped in chocolate sauce. The churros are the perfect way to end a meal - it is not too decadent and it provides that sweetness to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Tiki Taka also offers a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to accompany your meal. They have an all night promotion for their beers: Two pints for RM32 for Carlsberg and Conners, and two pints for RM42 for Asahi and Kronenbourg.

For cocktails, I tried The Shoreditch that had gin, cucumber and apple syrup. An interesting cocktail overall, but perhaps a tad bit sweet for my liking. Nevertheless, a drink I'd order again.

Other drinks that piqued our fancy includes the Lychee Mojito (RM25) - anything lychee is always good. But if you're into a more sour rendition of a mojito, do try their Asam Boi mojito.

The Mexican standoff is another good drink to get here and is made with tequila, vanilla and basil.

There are so many dishes and drinks to choose from at Tiki Taka and from what we have tasted, most, if not all of them, seem to be on point or on the way there! All the dishes are beautiful presented and creatively thought up by Chef Carrie. We definitely would be heading back to try more of their interesting menu choices.

But do make a reservation to avoid disappointment, because the restaurant was almost full despite it being a Tuesday night. Also, don't forget about the free valet! It is definitely a bonus to have somebody else park your car!

Tiki Taka 138 Jalan Kasah, Medan Damansara Open: Monday – Friday:- 4:00pm – 1:00am Saturday - Sunday :- 9:00am – 1:00am

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