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Working Title, Arab St

When you live in countries as racially diverse as Singapore and Malaysia, it's always good to find places that cater to all dietary needs. I believe Working Title is a pretty decent cafe to head to where there is something for everyone. I was quite hungry before heading to this cafe for dinner, so when I saw burgers on the menu, it got my appetite going.

There's a nice "outdoor" lounge area that really reminded me of a cafe I've been to in Ipoh, with murals and stickers on the walls and an almost whimsical feel to it. There are board games available if you'd like to play as well - they even have Cards Against Humanity.

Of course, the perfect pairing drink to go with burgers is a milkshake. These babies are called smoothies here at Working Title but they're essentially the same thing. I had a chocolate bananarama, which is rich dark chocolate blended with creamy banana, resulting in a decadent and filling smoothie (but you won't get too full that you won't be able to enjoy one of their lovingly crafted burgers).

If you're really into avocado then try the avocado bravado, which is a thick blend of avocado and vanilla with a hint of chocolate to bring the flavours together.

Really though, what you must come here for are their burgers - the Working Title Tower of Power ($22) was my choice of burger for the night. Double grilled tender beef patties, juiced up with caramelised onions, double cheddar, mesclun and wait for it...truffle tater tots. That's right. TRUFFLE. TATER. TOTS. Need I say more? I think not.

Otherwise, the Baconator ($18) is a good contender for second place behind the Tower of Power. It is pretty self-explanatory - beef patty with cheddar and bacon, served with a side of fries.

If you want to skip the burger altogether and just indulge in truffle tater tots ($10), you can order an entire steamer basket or "long" (笼) of it to munch on.

Definitely going to head back there again in the near future when I'm in Singapore to try their other dishes.

Working Title

48, Arab St

Open weekdays 11AM-10PM, weekends 10AM-11PM

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