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Jekyll & Hyde, 49 Tras St

Following the series of cocktail reviews I have been doing lately, I made it a point to try a recommendation by friends. Jekyll & Hyde is minimalist bar and a hidden gem along Tras Street in the central business district. Its interior will make you feel like you've just entered one of the coolest bars in town and you wouldn't be wrong.

We came here for a very specific purpose and that is to try Mr Bean, a cocktail made with Singapore's famous lao ban tau huey (tau fu fa, for Malaysians reading this). But as we sat at the bar, we also discovered some really lovely dairy based drinks. A disclaimer before I go into the review of the drinks: I generally do not like dairy based liquers like Baileys and such (I know, such a travesty for a foodie/alkie like me!).

All in all, we tried three cocktails and each were dairy based. I was really apprehensive about all three of them at first.

This cute little cow drink, known as Cow the Milk ($24) is a cream, syrup, lemon juice and pedro ximenez mixture with. The presentation here at Jekyll & Hyde is world-class, with each cocktail truly representing the essence of what you will be drinking. So, obviously it is apt to serve a milk drink out of a cow pitcher. The drink comes out of the cow's nose and into the shot glass, which seems to be fashioned to look like a bucket. Thankfully, we didn't have to milk the cow's udders.. That would have elicited plenty of laughs, I am sure.

The drink itself was so sweet and well-mixed that I didn't even realise that I was drinking dairy with alcohol. You know how sometimes, really strong mixes will hit the back of your throat with a certain sharpness? This cleverly-mixed drink completely avoids that uncomfortable sensation and just slides down the throat with ease. I couldn't stop complimenting the bartender, Alison, for her skills in mixing the drink.

The next drink we tried wasn't exactly on the menu - but my friends had requested it before and loved it. It is a blend of milo and rum, served in a beautiful vintage metal container. It looked like the type of drink you would be able to get from a local coffeeshop (with a special alcoholic twist to it, of course). This was my favourite drink of the night as I am a huge milo fan and just loved how smoothly mixed it was. The ratio of the spirit to the milo is absolutely perfect and seamless.

Of course, the last drink we tried had to be Mr Bean (S23), a mix of Tao Huey, Butterscotch liqeuer, kaya, frangelico, vodka. Again presented appropriately in a Chinese porcelain cup with a lid, this is one of the most innovative cocktails available at the bar. It is an easy favourite because of how pleasant and fragrant the drink is overall. If there is anything that is a must-try at Jekyll & Hyde, it is Mr Bean.

Jekyll & Hyde 49 Tras St, Singapore Mon - Thurs 6PM - 1AM Fri - Sat 6PM - 2AM Closed on Sundays

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