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LeVeL33, Marina Bay Financial Centre

LeVeL33 has been one of my favourite places to go to in Singapore for drinks because of the great in-house brewed craft beers and a stunning view of Singapore's CBD and Marina Bay.

Located at the Standard Chartered building of the Marina Bay Financial Centre, LeVeL33 is accessible via a private lift and is of course, located on level 33.

When I first started frequenting this place about 5 years ago, coming on a Thursday evening would result in a peaceful, chilled out drinking experience with friends. Now, LeVeL33 is a lot more popular with the dinner crowd as well as those who come in for a nightcap. It's one of those happening places now. My hipster side was a little sad to note that. But this place will always hold a special place in my heart.

LeVeL33's menu consists of some of the most unique dishes I've seen in Singapore and even match up their in-house brews to pair with the dishes.

To start off the meal, we were served a beer paddle ($23.33) to taste 5 of their 6 in-house brews. The paddle comes with 5 0.1 litre tasting glasses and you get to taste the blond lager, India pale ale, house porter, stout and wheat beer. LeVeL33 also makes seasonal ales and we got to try their golden ale.

Both our favourites was the golden ale (from $9.88 for 0.3 litres). It is a seasonal beer and to suit our lovely all-year summer, the golden ale is fruity, aromatic and its overall taste is very light. It's a beer that white wine drinkers would probably enjoy. While it goes well with all of the dishes we tried that night, it worked perfectly as a standalone drink for dessert too.

Our meal started off with a pig and snail ($26.50) combination. Sous vibe iberico jowl and cheek, coated in panko crumbs, deep fried and served with garlic escargots and celeriac purée as well as an arugula pesto. Pork and escargot seemed like an unlikely pair to go well with each other but this dish proved my initial assumptions wrong. The juiciness of the pork against the earthy hues of the snail was a good contrast and neither flavour overpowered the other.

he next dish we tried was the wrong gnocchi ($28), a twist on the traditional potato pasta. This gnocchi is made with ricotta, with a side of goat's cheese and raw mushrooms as well as an Indian Pale Ale mornay to go along with it. The taste for this dish will be very strong for those who don't normally go for strong cheese but the gnocchi is just so soft and it melts in your mouth that it negates the strong smell of the goat's cheese and ricotta.

We also tried a side dish called Heritage Carrot ($14) - this is a very interesting and beautifully plated dish. Served in a small wooden box, this dish is meant to look like a fresh garden and it even has "soil" fall out the sides and onto the plate to give it a very farm-to-table vibe. The carrots were a little crunchier than I am used to and while it makes for a visually stunning dish, overall, it falls a bit short in texture and taste.

However, our next dish more than made up for that. We had a beef and reef ($48.50) (surf & turf, but for RKOI/hipsters - just kidding) which was a beautiful cut of rump steak and fresh lobster, served with a roasted potato, fennel and the best onion ring I've ever had. The beef came beautifully cooked in a bloody medium rare and the lobster was incredibly fresh.

We also got to try kangaroo meat ($39)! It was our first time trying it and I must say, kangaroo meat is not too bad. Those hoppity creatures are super cute and not typically a meat I would include in my diet but this was pretty good. It isn't as gamey as lamb and shares many characteristics with beef. It is best consumed medium rare, as suggested by the server, but that's normally how I eat my steaks anyway. The only complaint I had about the dish was that I believed the baby corn didn't complement the meat.

We had a pint of golden ale and also a blond lager. Yum! That was right before dessert. But there will always be space for dessert.

We tried a berry tart - with raspberry filling, and blueberries and blackberries on the side. The acidity of the tart proceed to be a good contrast to our very rich meal.

A very uniquely plated dish was their white chocolate and green tea mousse dessert garnished with dehydrated pineapple. This was a sweeter dish because of the pineapple and dense white chocolate but the green tea mousse (which looked like moss and notice how the whole dish has this very aquatic looking theme) was light and fluffy.

LeVeL33 remains one of my favourite places for dining and drinks in Singapore. It is perfect for taking dates to. It is so romantic and has an amazing view at sunset. Private rooms are also available to those who want to book them for functions.

LeVeL33 8 Marina Boulevard, #33-01 Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 1 Mon to Weds 11:30AM - 12AM, Thurs to Sat 11:30AM - 2AM, Sundays from 12PM - 12AM

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