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Sarnies, Telok Ayer

We made a trip to Sarnies one rainy weekday for brunch after hearing friends rave about it for a while now. It was my first time at Telok Ayer, actually. This was before I found out about Park Bench Deli. It's nice to know that the CBD of Singapore is filled with such good food, since I am possibly moving to this beautiful country soon (yay!).

The coffee ($4.60) at Sarnies is great, like I had discovered at Pasarbella, of course. I'm not a huge coffee drinker though, but I enjoyed this one very much.

Since it was brunch, my brunch partner decided to go with a bacon and egg sarnie ($15) - a crazy huge sandwich packed with bacon and a runny sunny side up in yummy fresh bread.

I did a DIY breakfast ($18.50) with sourdough, homemade baked beans, scrambled eggs, a sausage and mixed vegetables. That's a really well-balanced brekkie to have!

It's a short review for this one because we didn't get to try much but we'll definitely be back for more.

Sarnies @ Telok Ayer

136 Telok Ayer St

Open weekdays from 7:30AM-11PM, weekends 9AM-4PM

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