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Park Bench Deli, Telok Ayer

At the recommendation of someone I consider to be quite the food expert, we made a trip to Park Bench Deli at Telok Ayer Street one Friday afternoon. We were promised hearty sandwiches and that's exactly what we got.

The deli is highly reminiscent of Katz in New York even though it is much smaller and a lot more organised here. The entire deli gave off a very Brooklyn vibe and I felt transported back to New York City once again.

The sandwiches are freshly made and the friendly staff are always ready with a smile. There are quite a number of sandwiches to choose from on the board as you enter the deli and it may be pretty overwhelming. So I was quite relieved hat my friend had suggested in advance that I order the cheese steak sandwich.

Estee was with me so she wanted to try the chicken katsu sandwich. But I'm fairly certain any choice of sandwich here would be a good one.

Estee also ordered a cold brew latte to have with her sandwich. The chicken katsu sandwich was a monster of a sandwich, big enough to feed two of us comfortably had we only gone with one Sandusky. The crunchiness of the katsu along with the mayo and the cucumber made it a very rich Japanese fusion sandwich to have for lunch. But it was so delicious and the meat was so tender that despite being full, Estee continued to munch on it. Talk about a moreish dish!

If you're a huge meat lover then the cheese steak sandwich will be your best friend. What is seemingly 500gms of thinly sliced, perfectly marinated beef is generously stuffed into the almost foot-long sandwich, packed full of juices and plenty of caramelised onions. Again, the sandwich is a huge portion for just one small eater like myself but I loved the tender, succulent beef so much, I ended up ditching the bread to just savour the meat.

10/10 would recommend this place to anyone for a satisfying lunch/dinner. I know Estee and I will be raving about its sandwiches for weeks to come.

Park Bench Deli

179, Telok Ayer St

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