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Jamie's Italian, Ovation of the Seas

Royal Caribbean has made their latest smart ship, Ovation of the Seas, so well stocked with the best cuisines from all around the world that even Jamie Oliver has a cut of the pie. The ship has 18 food and beverage spots and one of them is Jamie's Italian.

Enjoy eating in a classy dining area indoors or an al fresco seating area overlooking the vast seas and be served the world famous chef's signature Italian recipes.

It's easy to get lost in the restaurant's charm - all I wanted to do was sit here all day and enjoy a book while sipping on some Chardonnay.

Once seated, you'll be served with some fresh breadsticks and cheesy sticks. These are highly addictive and if you're sipping wine, the saltiness of this snack balances out the acidity of the wine. Be sure to dip the bread in the olive oil and vinegar too. Yum!

Like some of the other specialty restaurants onboard Ovation of the Seas, you pay a cover and order whatever you please from the menu (except alcoholic beverages). But a glass of wine is only $7.

I only paid a $30 cover for dinner (it is $25 for lunch) and ordered the calamari and a penne carbonara, as well as a plate of greens (you know, to balance out the meal).

The calamari was crispy and cooked to perfection. It wasn't too chewy and in fact, had a certain freshness to it. According to the chef who gave us a tour of the galleys earlier that day, everything is purchased fresh from the different countries that they sail to. But they always get it from predetermined sources for quality control, of course.

The penne carbonara was rich and portions here at Jamie's definitely cater to a western appetite. It was a pity I was dining alone because I could only have one starter, one main and a side. I didn't even have space for dessert, which the waitress told me I could come back later or the next day for if I wanted.

The vegetables were also incredibly fresh but cooked in a rather Asian way with oyster sauce and fried shallots.

I managed to catch one of the most beautiful sunsets I had ever experienced while docked at Port Klang. With a view like this, any meal would be made so much better. My experience at Jamie's Italian onboard Ovation of the Seas was one of the most memorable meals I have ever had while dining alone (which, by the way, does wonders for the soul).

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