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7 Reasons to Splurge on Accommodation When Travelling

Recently, when I was down in Singapore for a weekend, I was treated to a stay at Concorde Hotel along Orchard Road. The hotel sits on prime land and is just next to the Istana. It is walking distance to both Dhoby Ghaut and Somerset MRT stations and it is also just a stone's throw away from some pretty decent eateries (Orchard Central, anyone?).

While I was staying there, I discovered 7 awesome reasons why it is so worth it to splurge on accommodation while travelling.

  1. Pool Facilities If you know me personally, you know that I love swimming and exercising and while staying in hostels and AirBnbs can be fun (and budget-friendly), I do miss swimming when I don't have a pool. Concorde Hotel's pool is just the right size for me to do my daily 50 laps of exercise and is incredibly clean. It's also located where the sun isn't too strong but good enough to get a tan. ;)

But you're probably thinking, so what? Got pool, so many hotels also got pool what... Okay la, maybe you need a pool like MBS but I am okay enjoying a pool like this can? Nevermind. Read on for more reasons why I would splurge on a hotel. It gets better, really. Patience is a virtue.

2. Premier Lounge Facilities If you have the opportunity to, staying in Concorde's Premier Club Rooms will be the highlight of any travels. Gain unlimited access to the premier lounge, where you will have priority private check-in, unparalleled service and special happy hour treats. You also get special breakfast choices here. (I had wine for breakfast and I am not even going to deny it.)

3. You will have a massive room to dance around in! I don't think I am the only one to enjoy blasting music really loudly when I am in a hotel room and dancing to it. And you cannot really do that in a hostel (I tried and annoyed everyone there and almost got kicked out). With 31 square metres of space to dance around in and no one else to watch you embarrass yourself whipping and nae-naeing, what more could you want out of a room?

4. Concorde GIVES you a SMARTPHONE! That's right. You get a SMARTPHONE to use for free during the entire duration of your stay. And not just in your room. Just take the phone off charge and bring it out to use. FOR FREE. Calls, texts, data... It's all part of the sweet deal.

5. Convenience! Obviously, you're paying for convenience of having accommodation along Orchard Road. Do your shopping at 313@Somerset or Plaza Singapura and when your hands are full of shopping bags, especially now during GSS (Great Singapore Sale! If you've never heard of this, you need to crawl out from under that rock and head down to Singapore right now), you can just head back to your room and dump your haul there and head back out to continue your downward spiral into consumerism. I definitely did that. Sorry, not sorry.

6. Complimentary Mini-Bar Wait, what??? REALLY??! Yes, really. Concorde Hotel Singapore offers complimentary mini-bar drinks to its premier club guests. So, no worrying about how much the drinks cost when you pop open the mini-bar in quiet desperation for some sugary drinks/beer.

7. Late check-out I know a number of people whose ears are perking up to the sound of late checkout. When I stayed at Concorde, I checked out at 3PM, even though they said I could extend it to 6PM. I could enjoy the gym facilities, pool and enjoy a leisurely breakfast (breakfast is till 11AM in the premier lounge) before slowly checking out.

So, there you go. Truly, 10/10 would splurge on accommodation when travelling if every hotel's perks were as good as Concorde's.

Concorde Hotel, Singapore 100 Orchard Road From $280 a night for Premier Club Rooms


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