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Raya is just around the corner and it still isn't too late to grab your tickets to travel back to your home town or even out of the city just for a short break. has an amazing platform for you to book your tickets in just a few easy steps. Now, similar to sites like Skyscanner, offers at-a-glance price comparison between bus companies and you get to pick from multiple bus companies.

When I used to study in Singapore, I would have to jump from one website to another trying to book bus tickets home. Or worse still, I had to make a trip to the bus company's office to see if they had any available tickets for the dates I wanted to travel. But now, thank God for technology, everything is really just at my fingertips. I don't even have to move an inch from my bed to make bookings for my bus tickets anymore.

My most recent trip down to Singapore, I decided to book tickets with and they were kind enough to sponsor my bus rides. I had tried their service when it was just launched a couple of years ago but there were some kinks they had to iron out.

But when I tried the site again just a week ago, it was very different from what I remembered it to be. It is far more user-friendly now, I can compare bus timings and prices all in a page and proceed to book my tickets without much hassle.

It's as simple as picking which bus company I want and the timing that suits my schedule. But here's an insider tip from my travels down last week. I went with Starmart Express from KL to Singapore and then Nice Imperial on my ride back.

When we arrived at Tuas Immigration, it was very congested because of the amount of foreigners going into Singapore and a tighter security regime imposed by the Singapore ICA. But because there were so many Starmart Express buses at the checkpoint, I was able to board a different bus to go into Singapore City Centre. As a Singapore PR myself, I clear both the Malaysian and Singapore immigrations a lot faster than other travellers. So, being able to board an earlier bus into town (subject to availability and how kiasu you want to be, thank God for a kiasu auntie on board my bus who told me to join an earlier bus into town), was really such a relief.

So, Starmart is great because of the frequency of the buses. But Nice Imperial is far superior in terms of comfort and features on board the bus. Each seat in the Nice Imperial bus is a massage chair and each passenger gets a port to charge their devices with - which is very important for today's tech-savvy traveller.

If you're thinking of travelling by bus, visit today to book your tickets.

If you're thinking of travelling by bus, visit today to book your tickets.

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