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Shell Out, Kota Damansara

Shell Out isn't a typical place you would bring a girl on a first date to - but it is a pretty genius idea to take her there on the second date (wink) to get to know her better. It's the kind of casual establishment that forces you both to get down and dirty with each other.

You don't get plates or cutlery - just a sloppy mess of seafood served on a plastic covering your table.

It's a family friendly spot, which becomes evident when you see the walls, tables and chairs covered in graffiti. Though I'm fairly certain a lot of the scribbling is done by adults.

But I suppose adults tend to behave like kids when they're given a bib to eat and only their hands to feed themselves with. Tip: do not wear white if you're going to eat here. In fact, if you're one of those really careless, messy eaters, best to wear clothes you won't want to wear again.

Each table comes with a huge roll of kitchen towels just in case you're really that messy.

It's tons of fun to actually see the food just poured out onto the table with sauce everywhere and not be afraid to make a complete mess. Totally not a glam experience but if your date still finds you attractive after watching you devour seafood with your hands and have sauce dripping down your chin, well, you know they're in it for more than just the looks, right?

The sets (from RM139.90) are rather large even for 2-3 people especially if one of you is a small eater. But the sauce makes it very appetising and you'll end up eating more than you intend to.

Shell Out 16, Jalan PJU5/15 Kota Damansara Open Daily 11:30AM - 10PM (Open till 11PM on Fridays and Saturdays)

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