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Tokyo Secret, One Utama

Tokyo Secret has been commanding long lines since opening just recently. The famed baked cheese tarts have drawn crowds from all over the Klang Valley. All the tarts are baked fresh on site and if they run out of tarts, you'll have to wait for a fresh batch to be ready.

But it is worth the wait. Trust me.

They don't look like much... In fact they look like our typical egg tarts you can find anywhere.

But make sure you get the tarts warm and eat it on the spot! Don't bother bringing it home or beyond 100m from the stall because it's just so good when eaten warm.

The tart crust is crumbly and slightly sweet and complements the soft, gooey and rich cheese filling.

I believe I was speechless for a good 10 minutes while eating the tart. And then for a long time after that, I was just in complete awe of how good it tastes.

Though it may just be another food trend to hit KL, I think this one is here to stay for a long time.

Ground Floor @ IPC Shopping Centre

Second Floor @ One Utama, New Wing

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