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PS.Cafe, Palais Renaissance

By Estee Ng

PS.Cafe is one of those names that every Singaporean knows and now, slowly, Malaysians are getting introduced to. Our Malaysian managing editor, Sarah, has heard rave reviews about this place from her friends back home and has indeed also tried one of the outlets when she was visiting Singapore. We've mostly heard about the widely known truffle fries, but PS.Cafe serves up more than just great truffle fries.

We made a trip down to the Palais Renaissance outlet one day to try their dry prawn mee, a classic local dish, sure to please many a tastebud.

PS.Cafe has a lovely al fresco seating area for those who like to enjoy a little piece of nature while eating.

PS.Cafe has an asian menu comprising 9 different Asian dishes, all of which are instilled with a little bit of creativity to bring out the fusion between the East and the West. We were introduced to one of people's favourite, the Dry Prawn Mee.

According to the head chef of PS.Cafe, Chef Wai, the uniqueness of this dish comes from the preparation of the prawn paste. Unlike the usual hawker way of adding different condiments (black sauce, dried chilli etc) together, the chef makes use of prawn shell reduce as well as other ingredients to create the prawn concentrate.

The ingredients in Dry Prawn Mee includes pork belly, prawns, kang kong, bean sprouts and 2 quail eggs. Pasta noodles instead of egg noodles are used to marry the very Asian style of preparation with the very Western styled noodles. Noodles were prepared al dente to give it that perfect texture.

The noodles itself are tangy and full-flavoured as the prawn concentrate is very well absorbed into the noodles. Like the pasta, the shrimps are perfectly cooked to bring out the firmness when first bitten into, before yielding to a softness on the inside. The pork belly is also another element that is cooked to perfection. At the first sip, the soup broth is rich in flavour and slightly spicy. Readers be warned: this dish is highly addictive. If the soup is simply not enough for you, there is a little pot that comes with the dish containing additional prawn soup.

The only setback, we believe, is that the dish can get a little oily, but worth every calorie consumed.

PS.Cafe @ Palais Renaissance 390 Orchard Rd, Palais Renaissance, Singapore 238871

Open 11:30AM to 12AM on weekdays, 09:30AM to 12AM on weekends.

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