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Yunomori Onsen Spa & Cafe, Kallang Wave Mall

This spa has been making waves in social media as of late. It has only been open for less than a month but the hype surrounding it made us curious about its offerings. We decided to head down early one Wednesday morning to see what having an onsen in sunny Singapore would be like.

The name Yunomori means hot water in the forest, and since Singapore is a garden city, I suppose it is quite fitting.

The interior is very evidently a nod to Japanese culture - clean, white and neat. But there's a little sign on the warming list that says no yakuzas allowed inside the Onsen. That made me laugh out loud.

The men's and women's sections are predictably segregated.

Yukata are available at the counter as you enter each area. Women have the option of requesting for disposable underwear if they are uncomfortable going in commando. But I like to do things properly and entered the area in my birthday suit. Many younger women covered themselves up but the older women seemed to be very comfortable in their own skin.

The dressing room area is equipped with a hairdryer, cotton wool and buds, and a Yunomori branded moisturiser for after the onsen experience.

The showers come with a stool for you to sit on while taking a hot shower before and after your Onsen experience. I have never showered sitting down before so that was quite an odd experience. But huge bottles of shampoo, conditioner and body wash were readily available at each shower stall.

For some reason, the men have a much larger open shower area (pictured below) right next to the sauna. To rinse off after the Onsen. Women also do not have access to the sauna. It is believed that women's skin is too delicate for the extreme heat.

The men have a total of 6 pools, one more than the women do

. The men have an additional pool, known as the hot bath, in which the temperature goes up to 44 degrees Celsius.

Apart from that, the rest of the pools are the same. There is the soda bath, featuring a Japanese imported technology, and the first of its kind in Southeast Asia. The 38.5-39.5 degree Celsius water in the soda bath is enriched with a high concentration of natural carbon dioxide. The CO2-rich water is said to increase blood oxygen levels, improve circulation, reduce high blood pressure and also detoxify the blood.

The Silk Bath is hot water (38.5-39.5 degrees Celsius) reacting with large amounts of micro-bubble containing hydrogen. These jets of tiny bubbles give the water a sensual and silky texture, which makes the skin really smooth. The soothing nature of the bath is said to relax the muscles and alleviate problems like rheumatic, arthritic aches and pains as well as mental stress.

Other baths include the Bubble Bath, imbued with the nutrients of carefully balanced minerals. It feels just like a jacuzzi, except you will be stewing in water of about 38.5-39.5 degrees Celsius.

The Jet Bath consists of full-body jet streams of air that is said to help stimulate blood circulation. This bath is slightly hotter at 39.5-41 degrees Celsius. Personally, I find it best to start with the lower temperature pools then move up to the Jet Bath last before taking a dip into the last pool, the cold bath.

The Cold Bath is an invigorating jolt to the senses and almost has a numbing effect as the water is set at 17-19 degrees Celsius. The almost icy cold water will stimulate the body’s natural energy and nerve endings. It is also touted to boost anti-ageing effects by closing the pores and tightening the skin.

Both the men and women also get to enjoy the steam bath, with sea salt scrub readily available in a huge wooden bucket. The steam bath is set to have 100% humidity in up to 49 degrees Celsius.

You would think, after all of the heat you already get in Singapore, you'd be used to it. But there's really nothing better than taking that final dip into the cold bath.

After that, guests are welcome to lounge at the lounge area, complete with pillows and blankets. Otherwise, a cafe is also available to serve meals to hungry clientele.

Other services include:

  • Thai Traditional Massage (starts from $88+ for 60 mins): With techniques developed over thousands of years, this massage is steeped in physiology and traditional oriental medicine. Using an ancient mix of body rocking, rhythmic acupressure and deep-assisted stretches, therapists will help you balance your essential energies, improve flexibility and stimulate circulation.

  • Aroma Oil Massage (starts from $138+ for 90 mins): This therapy blends the best massage techniques around the world. Fragrant essential oils boost the effects of the massage with their natural healing benefits. Alleviate problems such as headaches, muscle and tendon injuries as well as aches and pains.

  • Herbal Compress (Add-on, $38+ for 30 mins): This is an art that has been preserved for thousands of years. It combines the benefits of Thai massage and Thai herbal remedies to create a stimulating yet soothing therapy. Aromatic medicinal herbs are cocooned within a cloth and steamed to release their healing properties. These remedies are known to help with stress, anxiety, chronic pain and arthritis.

  • Foot Massage (starts from $38+ for 30 mins)

  • Head & Shoulder Massage (starts from $38+ for 30 mins)


  • Adult - $38 ($40.66 w/gst)

  • 15 year-old & below OR 65 year-old & above - $28 ($29.96 w/gst)

Onsen & Spa Packages:

  • Onsen + 60 mins Thai Massage - $118 ($126.26w/gst)

  • Onsen + 90 mins Thai Massage & Herbal Compress - $156 ($166.92 w/gst)

  • Onsen + 90 mins Aroma Oil Massage - $168 ($179.76 w/gst)

  • Onsen + 120 mins Aroma Oil Massage & Herbal Compress - $206 ($220.42w/gst)

  • Onsen + 30 mins Foot Massage - $68 ($72.76 w/gst)

  • Onsen + 30 mins Head & Shoulder Massage - $68 ($72.76 w/gst)

Yunomori Onsen & Spa, Kallang Wave Mall

#02-17/18 Wave Mall, 1 Stadium Place

#YunomoriOnsenSpa #kallangwavemall

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