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JTown, Midpoint Orchard

There are few places I actually go to repeatedly in Singapore for comfort food. One of them is JTown. The small establishment hidden away in a corner of Midpoint Orchard is one of Orchard's hidden gems. Serving up casual Indonesian fare at incredibly affordable prices, JTown is consistently packed with Indonesians living in Singapore, looking for a fix of their local cravings.

Their signature dish is a bakmie, simple hawker style noodles served with small cubes of chicken, mushrooms, fried shallots and a bit of steamed vegetables. It is best eaten with local Indonesian sweet soy sauce and chili. Each table is equipped with a bottle of each for you to add to your liking.

They also have a Mee goreng version of the bakmie for those who like an oilier dish.

Or one with popcorn chicken. This is one of my favourites there apart from the signature.

But an absolute must-try while here is their martabak keju. Martabak is a sweet thick pancake with filling. The cheese option is my favourite and it melts in your mouth. There are also chocolate, peanut and durian options.

JTown, Basement of Midpoint Orchard

Open daily from 12pm - 9pm

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